On May 5th we will participate in the Regtech Conference "New Technologies for Regulatory Compliance". This is a digital meeting focused on the technological possibilities available to companies to simplify and optimize their regulatory compliance tasks.

Our contribution to the regtech will focus on the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), its application with guarantees and how to avoid important sanctions, always through innovative solutions. We will also participate in the expert panel “Fundamentals and regulatory challenges of new technologies”. You can register here for free.

Throughout the session we will look at compliance statistics in different countries of the European Union. Since the activation of the GDPR in Europe 3 years ago, Spain is the country where by far the most sanctions have been imposed, with a total of 217 sanctions and 26.3 million euros (until April 2021).

This figure indicates that Spanish companies still have some way to go to comply with regulations, on the one hand, and to do so safely, on the other. Our solutions facilitate both aspects. We are experts in the regulatory environment and are ISO 27001 certified and soon to be ISO 27701 certified for security, confidentiality, privacy and controls.

This means, in short, that our RGPD Consent Management solution (within Certysign), allows you to process in a single process the obtaining, management and custody of the express consents of your customers or potential customers in a multichannel reality. And that this tool and the other applications that make up the Customer Comms ecosystem enable constant regulatory compliance that minimizes as much as possible the occurrence of security events, such as leaks or bad practices in data processing, which can result in sanctions. This guarantee extends for the lifetime of the personal data obtained by your company.

During this day
we will explain an application case that describes a personalized flow through electronic channels (email and SMS) through which we have managed more than 800,000 consents. With full legal validity and without neglecting aspects such as the look & feel of the company.

RegTech Nuevas tecnologías para el cumplimiento regulatorio

Regtech "New technologies for regulatory compliance".

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