At MailTecK & Customer Comms and hand in hand with our partner atSistemas, we are part of Alastria’s annual report thanks to our CertySign solution, which is registered as a blockchain application in the legal area.

But we do not stop here, we actively participate in the development of a network that aims to build ablockchainecosystem suitable for Spanish regulations and companies. It is the first national multi-sector network dedicated to this technology and the consortium brings together more than 500 companies from all business sectors.

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is a disruptive technology that is leading the revolution in activities such as data validation, identity verification and accounting registration, to give just three examples. All of this is based on a collaborative, global computing platform with real-time activity that “self-certifies” the integrity of the files. This translates into high computational capacities, reduced costs, high reliability (atomized distribution makes attacks extremely difficult, prevents failures and minimizes the effects of server downtime) and natural growth.

Being part of Alastria puts us on several levels that directly benefit the companies that work with us.

The most general one is that we participate in a consortium that is at the forefront in the adaptation of a technology that opens up a huge range of possibilities in a multitude of sectors and with an enormous variety of applications. The second is that we pour into it our experience and the needs of our customers, thus having a definite influence on the development of useful solutions for our customers. Another of the plans is evident. After influencing and working on these solutions, we are in a privileged position, full of knowledge, to put these applications into practice.

We can relate it to one of the sectors in which we specialize, insurance. “Our background in it allows us to transfer to the Alastria consortium the needs arising from challenges such as effective digital transformation, new regulations and agile adaptation to their prerogatives, individualized omnichannel communications with the GDPR and the eIDAS regulation always in mind. Also the reflections that are born from our offer of services, products, contracting and processes, at the height of what the digital customer expects from insurers.” Juan Miguel Hernandez is a Blockchain Technology Development consultant for the MailTecK & Customer Comms group.

With CertySign , we get tremendously innovative paths through blockchain technology, which combine perfectly with our experience and our position as a trusted third party accredited by the Ministry of Industry. And if we are precise in one of its applications, we gain access to an ecosystem in which to keep the evidence, steps and time stamps of any communication requiring certification or contracting with electronic signatures. In fact, in the last Insurance Week 2020 we explained in depth our CertySign platform, a solution in which we have implemented the possibilities provided by blockchain and the development work carried out at Alastria. We have published here complete information about what happened in this forum.

And with full legal validity. Because this is one of Alastria’s main purposes. Locating a global “experiment” such as blockchainThe aim is to transfer its power to national or regional regulations, in the case of the EU, in addition to generating collaborative environments in which to advance by sharing knowledge and costs, and, in shortAlastria’s goal is to move towards a more efficient society and greatly facilitate the usual processes of small, medium and large companies thanks to the power of this technology”.as highlighted by Sergio G. Miranda, Head of Blockchain Technology and R&D Innovation Programs at atSistemas, our technology partner in blockchain.

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