Technology is an ally in regulatory compliance in the insurance sector. And if that technology has been developed by a Trusted Service Provider, with digital transformation as a goal, the guarantee is even greater. On October 27th we co-organize with ICEA the digital meeting Technology to overcome regulatory barriers to digitization from a RegTech perspective. Are you an insurance professional? Sign up! We have a lot to tell you, as will our partners at the event: Unespa, AEFI, Cuatrecasas and Écija.

Do technology, legislation and user experience travel at the same speed? This question could very well open the round table. The answer is clear: no. But well-designed applications can be adapted to different national and EU regulations to achieve various goals. It can make your day-to-day life easier as an insurance professional, it can ensure your company’s legal compliance, and it can also satisfy your customer’s preferences in terms of how to interact with your company.

Example. Digitalization is on everyone’s lips, especially since the start of the pandemic. But the law requires the use of paper for some relevant communications with customers. The most effective solution is to consider hybrid processes in which technology plays a major role.

At MailTecK & Customer Comms we develop our own applications under the security by design concept , that is, with security in its DNA. And we add certifications such as
ISO 27001
(information security) and
SO 27701
(privacy). We also add our accreditation as
qualified trusted electronic service providers in certified electronic delivery.
. In addition, we are a RegTech company. We will talk about all this during the meeting, and above all, how an insurance company can take advantage of our experience, our preparation and our solutions to, among other things:

  • Acting as “Digital Notary” of communications
  • Minimize the regulatory impact on your operations.
  • Launch hybrid communication processes and keep them under control.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance (RGPD, eIDAS, LOPDGDD…).
  • Link processes directly to customer experiences
  • Work with a profitable ROI.
  • Protecting the environment.

There will be time to tell you about real cases and also for your questions. Are you in? If you are in the insurance sector and a member of ICEA, access the registration here.