Customer Comms is now officially part of the RegTech ecosystem, identified and certified by
What does this mean? Much more than you might think a priori. I’m sure the concept, offhand, doesn’t sound like much to you. But let’s talk about situations: Have you taken out insurance from a distance lately? Or purchased a package tour for your vacation, signed up for a cell phone service, signed up for an online bank account using an electronic signature. If you have also given your consent online, on your mobile, tablet or PC, then you already know what a RegTech company is: the one that has made it possible. And we are one of them thanks to our CertySign solution, with certification capacity as a Trusted Service Provider within the European eIDAS regulation.

Empresa RegTech

The construction of the concept already says a lot. RegTech is formed from two ideas, regulation and technology. With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, an acronym that also rings a bell), consumer protection was raised several notches above the previous regulation. One of the most important modifications refers to the collection of the express and unequivocal consent of the client by the company, with the maximum legal guarantees both at the time of obtaining the consent and its custody during the useful life of the data. And that multiplied by as many different purposes as are put into play during the recruitment process, as required by the GDPR.

Being part of the RegTech ecosystem proves that Customer Comms has the necessary technological developments to comply with the obligations set by the different regulatory frameworks when entering into contracts or remote links between subjects: customers with companies and companies with other companies. This, in sectors such as insurertourism or banking, to name just three examples, or departments such as ComplianceThe Legal or Data Protection, almost mandatory in more and more companies, translates into agility, efficiency, competitiveness and maximum legal guarantee, in other words, protection against potentially heavy penalties.

Customer Comms’ in-house development technology has a name, CertySign. Thanks to this solution, each company will obtain the express consent of its customers in a fast and automated way through various channels at the different points of contact with the user. The tool, after obtaining consent and accrediting the process, also saves the evidence digitally.

“CertySign and our automated and multichannel communication solutions comply with eIDAS and RGPD specifications at the European level, but also with those established by other specialized regulations such as, for example, those governing IDD insurance distribution or electronic contracting,” explains Javier Echebarría, CEO of Mailteck & Customer Comms, who concludes: “The tool allows us to certification through identification, electronic signature and custody, with legal guarantees, thanks to Blockchain technology. It offers, in short, an integral experience that accompanies a remote contracting process with full legal validity”.

Do you want to know more about what CertySign can do to facilitate your company’s activity? Ask us. We will tell you everything you need and we will suggest the different options to adapt the tool to the reality of your company and your customers.