In the conference on Digital Transformation of the Pharma & Health Sector, within the Virtual Conference Experience of Urban Marketing, we explained the benefits of legal and certified communications for the healthcare sector.

la jornada sobre transformación Digital del Sector Farma & Salud

For one reason or another, companies in all sectors are embracing digital transformation as the path to a future that, let’s not kid ourselves, is already with us. The characteristics of healthcare companies, their activity and the sensitive and hyper-protected information they handle make this transformation process a complex task. As pressing as it is full of opportunities. We talked about all of this at the Digital Transformation of the Pharma & Health Sector conference, as part of Urban Marketing’s Virtual Conference Experience.

Teresa Arandilla and Francisco Marina, two of our Legal Communications specialists, explained to the professionals who participated in the session some of the practical applications of the CertySign and Communicalia platforms in their day-to-day management. Legal communications and certified communications for companies to interact with suppliers, patients, healthcare personnel and health systems with legal reliability, confidentiality and scrupulous regulatory compliance.


We leave here the video of our intervention, in case you want more details.

What, briefly, are the benefits of digital transformation in the healthcare sector? They can be divided according to the subject. This is how Teresa and Francisco summed them up during the event:

  • Enterprise: generates cost savings by greatly facilitating patient management and eliminating the use of paper. Ensures regulatory compliance in an extremely GDPR-protected data environment. It offers a new level in the communication of treatment and collection of informed consent, by means of electronic signature, as indicated in Law 41/2002 of November 14, 2002, which regulates patient autonomy. Certifies and safeguards evidence and proofs of time.
  • Patient: permanent and instant information to take control of their health. Easier access to medical care and improved medication management. Experience an enhanced user experience.
  • Professionals: facilitates decision making and frees them from repetitive tasks. Identifies staff needs and improves their satisfaction.
  • Health system: optimizes integration and interoperability, improves process economy and activates new management models. Increases coordination levels.


All of these benefits fit like the perfect pieces in the industry puzzle, which is focused on efficiency, cost reduction, regulatory compliance and differentiation through patient and healthcare professional experience. Clear objectives to compete in a context in which the demand for healthcare services is growing, with the upward trend in life expectancy, and capacity is stagnating, both in terms of the number of beds and the number of professionals available.

For more details on the Digital Transformation of the Pharma & Healthcare Sector day, click on this link.

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