We spoke with Iñaki Gómez-Echevarría, Sales Director of PostaMail, to learn about the advantages of this solution, a more efficient and more economical way to ensure the legal validity of the issuance of bureaufaxes.

Iñaki Gómez-Echevarría, Director de Ventas de PostaMail

What are the advantages of MailTecK’s bureaufax compared to other alternatives?

I think the main advantage is the confidentiality we offer our clients, since, unlike other operators, we produce all these communications ourselves, in our facilities and under information security protocols endorsed by the standard. ISO 27001. We never cede the digital or physical production of our notifications. to other offices, companies or couriers.

On the other hand, I would also like to emphasize that deliveries are made with the quality of Correos distribution, that our burofax is made in color and that we have several alternatives that offer additional services. In the latter case, we could talk about the physical taking of the signature of documents and their return, or the exclusive delivery to the addressee that appears in the delivery address, among others.

Earlier you referred to the possibility of sending a burofax in color. In all communication, image and design are important. How does the MailTecK bureaufax address this?

We believe that the classic black and white printing of bureaufaxes does not make any sense nowadays. The product has a high price and the cost differential between B/W and color is minimal. Although the use of the bureaufax is related to “conflicts” between the parties, the sender of the communication can maintain its corporate image, as in the rest of its communications, if it has a bureaufax in color.

Does MailTecK’s bureaufax offer a solid legal guarantee?

The architecture of our solution is focused on guaranteeing the maximum legal guarantee for our clients. So much so that we can affirm that no competing company offers a better guarantee than ours, since there are several differences that make us stand out from the rest in this aspect: application of qualified time stamp, communications management and production under protocol ISO 27001own certification as Trusted Third Party, total traceability, encrypted data transmission, secure escrow and trial accompaniment in case of conflict.

This type of communication usually comes at a very high price. Does MailTecK offer competitive pricing for this service?

Absolutely. We offer a service of maximum guarantee, maximum quality and confidentiality, but at prices similar to the rest of private operators, normally, well below the price of Correos.

In addition, there are two keys that allow us to offer even greater savings to our customers. On the one hand, the increase in user productivity such as, for example, the time required for the imposition of a burofax on the web of the usual operators, which is between 7 and 10 minutes. If we also have to transform the format to PDF, the time required for a shipment can easily double. On the other hand, we are a Trusted Third Party and we have our own graphic production, which allows us total autonomy and immediacy in the management of shipments.

With what other elements does this platform ensure its activity within a protected environment?

Security is fundamental to our group and a basic feature of the platform and the services it offers. Data transmission is encrypted, the web environment is developed under https security, custody is secured and the platform allows the “signature” of each shipment through the use of a user key that guarantees the accurate allocation of each shipment.

Is it possible to send certified communications internationally through this tool?

Yes. In fact, such notifications are increasingly in demand.

How does the PostaMail application help the customer when issuing a burofax?

In order to continue to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we can solve both mass data transmission and individualized broadcasting. In this case, PostaMail also provides the immediacy of sending, since it is done in less than a minute, compared to other operators’ web imposition solutions that require at least 7 times that time.

In addition, PostaMail supports any Office and Adobe PDF format, so sending is done directly from the program in which we are working, avoiding time-consuming conversion to other formats such as PDF, which is usually mandatory in other solutions.

Finally, I also find it remarkable that the application offers the user a complete web monitoring, automatic alerts, document manager, automatic archiving, expense control and other very practical functionalities that are usually highly valued. PostaMail’s bureaufax has been designed to increase user productivity to the maximum.

Could you cite an example in which its operability is clear?

A clear example is the customer service departments, where we have experienced significant direct benefits, such as a 30% increase in user productivity and improved service due to the speed of attention to customer queries thanks to PostaMail’s document management system.