Digital transformation affects and optimizes all facets of a company, but some in particular. This is the case of communications with customers, even more so if these are carried out through multiple, interchangeable and synchronized channels and devices. That is, when we talk about omnichannel communications.

Consistency in the media that make up the communication with the customer throughout the customer journey.
customer journey
is one of the factors that influence their experience and facilitate their loyalty.

Through our integrated design agency services, with extensive experience in both physical and digital channels, we help you incorporate all aspects surrounding the omnichannel communication process to reinforce this consistency.

El diseño integrado como la base de la transformación digital de las comunicaciones omnicanal


Taking care of branding is crucial to achieve customer trust and attention. Graphic resources almost always work unconsciously in the mental process of the recipient, forming a complete image that he/she identifies with your company. The multitude of channels, media and devices pose a challenge when it comes to providing coherence to the packaging of everything you say and the messages themselves. Around branding we offer you all the resources aligned with cutting-edge technology, and our own, to achieve the objectives of visibility, deliverability and clarity.


The graphic environment is integrated into the Customer Journey Map, which we help you define from a double perspective: the optimization of the communication process and its personalization, taking into account the customer’s preferences. In addition, to facilitate the day-to-day work of your teams, we create master templates with variable structures to customize or segment shipments on the same medium, depending on each particular need. This customization, including personalization, can also integrate complex variables (but simplified through usability techniques) or dynamic interactive web communications (Dynamic-sites), with the necessary programming.

Thanks to a coherent design and personalization, both of content and of the customer journey, we improve the customer experience by combining design and functionality in personalized omnichannel communication environments, so important on the road to digital transformation. It is a 360º integrated process, as you can see, full of possibilities and capabilities for your company.

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