We tell you what happened in our SegitturLab workshop on e-procurement, developed during the last edition of Fitur.

One is always satisfied with this type of forum, in large part because of its bidirectionality. It is interesting to be in front of industry professionals, most of them with long experience, to tell them about solutions that simplify on many levels their interaction with their customers. And I find it equally useful to understand their needs with their questions and in the conversations that ensue. It’s a chain that allows us to come back a year later with new implementations.”

contratación electrónica de viajes combinados

David Griñán is the commercial director of Customer Comms, and conducted the workshop “Personalized multichannel communication solutions and electronic signature for package travel contracting” at Fitur’s Know-How & Export program. A space dedicated to innovation, organized by SegitturLab with the collaboration of ICEX. The date was Thursday 23rd.

Our Personalized Digital Travel Itinerary tool was the culmination of a presentation marked by its practical nature. 100% digital and 100% customizable. This platform integrates in one place all the modules that can be part of a trip. The client will access the information and accept in a single click or screen touch (it is multi-device), the contractual conditions. In return, tourism companies obtain the express consent of their customers to the contractual terms and conditions with full legal validity. All this, and the rest of its features, were shown during this part of the presentation, carried out as a real backup process from beginning to end, including the archiving of data and evidence and the explanation of its guaranteed safekeeping.

During the workshop there was also time to talk about e-signatures and GDPR in travel services. Fran Marina, senior consultant for Legal Communications and Compliance at Mailteck & Customer Comms, explained how the experience of the group and its partner in electronic signatures, Onespan, can be applied to one of the most powerful sectors, in terms of GDP and job creation, in the country.

This background in all matters relating to explicit consent, legal compliance, telematic initialing of contracts and custody takes on particular relevance with the latest regulatory developments on package travel set out in the new European Package Travel Directive (EU) 2015/2302.

Raquel García, Legal Communications and Compliance Manager at Mailteck & Customer Comms, addressed, during her intervention in the workshop, aspects related to the digital identification and validationThe Personalized Digital Travel Itinerary includes possibilities for remote validation of identity documents, such as ID cards or passports, by means of facial biometrics. These solutions, used in the fight against fraud and identity theft, include, as Raquel explained, the automated extraction of data and its incorporation into different management systems.

You were not able to attend the workshop but you think that some of the contents could be useful to take your tourism project further?

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