We are facing a new stage in constant movement, which revolves around new technologies and the Internet, and is generating profound changes and transformations in a society that moves in a globalized world. These changes represent a true revolution that we are living through and for which companies must be prepared. However, today there are many companies that have not yet realized what they are "on to".

La firma electrónica en el sector de la Prevención de Riesgos Laborales

The electronic signature in the Occupational Risks sector in the digital era.

The digital era has definitely come to stay with us, and this is a reality that is becoming more and more accentuated. The entire digital revolution is clearly and profoundly transforming the habits, language, life and customs of many people to create a new culture, “the digital culture”. This transformation translates into new behaviors and needs of our customers, who are now increasingly digital.

In addition, all this technological barrage is a challenge for companies, which must assimilate knowledge, attitudes and skills within this digital environment to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. There is no doubt about the many advantages that the digital era offers to society and to companies that are able to adapt to this new situation. More efficiency, cost savings, more available customer information, paper savings, environmental protection and resource optimization are some of them.

There is no doubt that the impact of technology on business has been increasingly important in recent years, as the use of new technologies has made companies more and more competitive. This means that those organizations that do not incorporate technological innovations run the risk of being left behind.

Digital transformation: a new reality for companies

For companies, this new era translates into two essential words: digital transformation. Because the change is not a one-time thing, nor will it stop here. In an environment where technological disruption is going to take over, companies, regardless of their size, have only two options: digitally transform themselves or prepare to, sooner or later, end up disappearing.

Today, technology and all things digital are not only transversal, but also strategic. Therefore, company managers and leaders must be the first to spearhead this new formula. To do so, they must first ask themselves the question: how will my company compete in this new environment?

Not only do you have to be strategic, you also have to be fast. If previous business paradigms allowed decisions to be made slowly and calmly, the digital environment has changed all that. Today’s disruption is in full swing, so decisions need to be made quickly and, above all, companies need to be prepared for this change.

The use of new technologies for the prevention sector: electronic signature

Many sectors have adapted their systems and resources to this new reality. The occupational risk prevention sector is one more, which must adapt to this digital era. That is why MailTecK & Customer Comms is carrying out a project with prevention companies to automate and optimize their recruitment processes generating cost savings and giving their customers added value.

Currently, the problems that arise when a company decides to contract the prevention of occupational hazards with a company of this type could be summarized as follows:

  • Lack of legal certainty in processing. Many of the contracts are returned by e-mail with scanned signature.
  • Lack of usability for the client, since in many cases the process takes more than a month.
  • Lack of efficiency in document management. Everything is done on paper.
  • Lack of technological innovation.

Our experience in many sectors, such as banking, insurance or utilities, has allowed us to implement electronic signature processes providing them with greater legal security, process automation, storage, custody and retrieval.

Case study

Let’s take an example of what is currently happening and what would happen if the electronic signature offered by MailTecK & Customer Comms were used. A company with two employees wants to hire a prevention service. The prevention company sends you the contract by e-mail and says: Please print it out, sign it in duplicate, scan it, return it by e-mail and send us the original to the following address and we will return your copy duly signed by the prevention service. This wastes time and resources in printing, scanning and e-mailing and mailing a document that is already available in digital format.

Now imagine that the company had clicked on the email sent to it by the prevention company, opened a website, and simply clicked again to sign. The contract would be signed in a few seconds, with a certificate attesting to the transaction.

Advantages of electronic signatures

So, what are the advantages for a prevention service and for the client when signing a contract or any other document through electronic signature?

  • For the prevention company, it means savings in commercial, administrative and time costs, as well as a considerable increase in productivity.
  • For the customer, it involves minimal effort for the firm, from the point of view of usability or Customer Experience, which allows them to sign the contract from any device, whether mobile, tablet or computer, and immediately.

For more information, please contact us, contact us and we will provide you with an e-signature specialist and we will provide you with an electronic signature specialist to speed up your company’s contracting processes.

Raquel Garcia habla sobre firma digital

Article written by Raquel García

Certified Communications and Electronic Signature Sales Manager

Raquel has worked for companies such as Lleida.net or Quirónprevención, leading sales and commercial departments. With a degree in Law, Raquel has a great knowledge of legal communications and, more specifically, in the digital field, being a specialist in the automation of processes through electronic signatures.