On October 27th, technology and regulation went hand in hand at the conference "Technology to overcome regulatory obstacles to digitalization, from a Regtech perspective", which we organized together with ICEA. For just over two hours, professionals from the insurance sector, experts in technology law and technology, talked about how technology can be your ally in complying with increasingly stringent regulations for the sector.

We would especially like to thank our colleagues at the table: Icea, Unespa, AEFI, Cuatrecasas, Ecija and ECIX for their work. Without them, this would not have been possible. And of course to all the attendees, for making the event a success.

We would like to share with you a brief summary of the key ideas we addressed during the day:

  1. Regulation as an obstacle to innovation and digitalization.
    David Tomé Aróstegui, Head of the Legal, Regulatory and HR Area of UNESPA . He highlighted the main ideas of the report they have developed in this regard, full of analysis and proposals.
  2. Regtech Ecosystem.
    Claudia Morgado (IP & IT Lawyer – Digital and New Technologies, CUATRECASAS – AEFI). He explained what the Regtech ecosystem consists of, in which we are located. What is the motivation of this group? To develop technology, in dialogue with the sectors and institutions, to solve the regulatory compliance challenges that the different regulations face us on a daily basis.
  3. Qualified Service Providers and eIDAS.
    Alonso Hurtado (Lawyer and Information Technology Partner, ECIJA) . He was in charge of explaining what qualified trust service providers contribute to the insurance sector, in direct relation to the European eIDAS regulation.
  4. Regtech Technology Solutions – Practical solutions for regulatory compliance.
    Francisco Pérez Bes, Partner in the Digital Law Area, ECIX – ELIXTECH. He explained the requirements that technology must meet to adapt to regulatory compliance.
  5. Technology to minimize regulatory impact and improve the customer experience.
    Javier Echebarria, CEO of MailTecK & Customer Comms, described how regulated multichannel communications through our applications are allies for effective and guaranteed regulatory compliance.

If the presentations themselves were interesting, even more so was the lively panel discussion at the end of the event, where the speakers were able to answer various questions from the audience.

If you want to access the videos and presentations of our conference, leave us your details and we will send you an email with the access.


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