Conversar con sus clientes

“Conversing with your customers is not an option and MailtecK knows how you can listen to them” our CEO, Javier Echebarría, tells us about the innovations presented by MailTecK and Customer Comms at Insurance Week.

Meeting and conversing with customers is no longer an option for companies. We live in the era of personalization and the time has come for companies that are truly committed to the future to place their customers at the center of all processes, taking into account everything they have to say. Multichannel solutions are positioned as one of the best answers and to deepen in how we can work with them, from, we interviewed Javier Echebarría, CEO at Mailteck, a company specialized in providing comprehensive communication services.

1. What kind of services and solutions can companies find in your company?

MailTecK, together with Customer Comms, which is also present at the Insurance 2016 event, represents MailComms, a group of companies dedicated to multichannel customer communication services and solutions, both marketing and transactional, with a strong focus on the insurance sector. Bearing in mind that this sector is the one with the greatest complexity in communications with customers, mediators and suppliers.

For example, as the regulation of the sector is so strong, the security of information and the achievement of legal value in communications, through certified communications and electronic signatures, is a key aspect when relying on trustworthy suppliers.

On the other hand, the intervention of mediation is the fundamental aspect in relations with policyholders and the rest of the parties involved in the contracting, claims management and policy renewal processes.

Finally, service providers such as surveyors, workshops and repair professionals are of particular value in the customer perception of service so their ability to communicate with the company and the insured is a key element of the customer experience.

Our group has specific solutions such as Communicalia and CommsPortal so that all these groups have at their disposal the possibility of designing, generating and launching multichannel communications through a web browser at any time via a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

2. Talking to customers is no longer an option for companies. You offer an all-in-one solution to achieve just this, but what does it consist of?

Communications with customers, both marketing and transactional, have become conversations, i.e. interactive communications, occurring at any time and on any channel and device, with the customer in control. The insured says what, when and how he wants to talk and the insurer has to facilitate it with technologies that automate the process in real time.

To manage these interactive communications in an integrated manner, the insurer needs to have an all-in-one solution that works at every level of the company, the mediation channel and its suppliers to provide a response to the customer. The solution is Communicalia, an individualized multichannel communication platform that analyzes data, designs media in any format and distributes in an integrated manner through all channels, the communications that make up the conversations with the customer.

3. What novelties and trends have you found at Insurance Week 2016? What lessons have you been able to learn to implement in the company’s services?

Insurance Week is an annual meeting point of reference for insurance professionals. In 2016, the hottest topics are the use of Big Data and advanced analytics, the internet of things, cyber risks, new business models and the digital transformation of customer communications.

New trends in the insurance industry have led us to focus on helping insurance companies embark on the journey of digital transformation in omnichannel communications with their customers, intermediaries and suppliers. To this end, we provide services and solutions with state-of-the-art technologies, both our own and those of third parties.

We provide the widest range of services and solutions in both outsourcing (BPO) and Software as a Service (SaaS) formats, although we also implement on-premise solutions. All solutions can have their cadence in time so that you can start with a BPO to move to a SaaS and end up with an on-premise in-house solution having the service and the technology in a short period of time to adapt it into an in-house solution later on.

4. After the Insurance Week experience, where are multichannel customer communication solutions evolving to?

Multichannel customer communication solutions are evolving from multichannel or dispersed use of channels to omnichannel or integration of all channels in real time with a 360º view of customer interaction.

5. How did the relationship with Customer Comms come about?

Customer Comms is a company of the same group as MailTecK.

It is a company that was born from a spinoff process of the technology department of MailTecK Therefore, we have experts with more than 20 years of experience in personalized communication with customers and with a vocation of leadership in multichannel communication solutions for both marketing and transactional communication with customers.

6. Within this fair you have presented an innovative platform known as Communicalia. What does it consist of? What can it bring to your customers?

Communicalia is the only platform capable of integrating online communications such as print, phone calls and point of sale with online communications such as email, SMS, mobile, web, video and digital mailbox, providing additionally a process of improvement and enrichment of data and advanced analytics of customer behavior in the communication processes, through all channels that are reflected in their customer journey.

7. Why would you recommend this event?

With more than twenty activities divided into forums, conferences, meetings and debates, as well as more than 300 speakers, professional experts from the sector in different fields of activity, Insurance Week presents and analyzes, through the diversity of its program, future strategic solutions, regulatory changes, new products, customer relations, trends and particularities according to the branches, technology, brand and image, assistance and other topics of interest to the sector.

The Insurance Week event, as the sector’s major reference point for insurance companies, is the most important event of its kind in the world. insurance companies in Spain, Portugal and LATAMThe event is an opportunity to make this group of companies known, both insurance and related services companies, and finally to the mediators, a key part of this sector, to understand the trends that will shape the immediate future of this activity.