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Eleia Energía is a subsidiary of Cobra, a business group with more than 70 years of experience in the promotion, construction and operation of energy and industrial plants that operates to bring value to the national and international market in terms of new commercialization and energy management models.

Eleia Energía‘s marketing model is committed to caring for the environment and offers electricity and gas tariffs from renewable sources, self-consumption plans and installation of solar panels, charging points for electric vehicles and virtual batteries.



Eleia Energy needs to integrate an electronic signature process that gives legal value to its electronic contracting procedures, which it manages through its new CRM, Salesforce.

The firm will be present in relevant processes in its relationship with clients, mainly contracting and renewals of energy supplies.

The goal is to incorporate a reliable, customer-friendly solution that provides a layer of legal validity, certification and escrow and is also seamlessly integrated with the Salesforce ecosystem.


After studying the needs of Eleia Energía, Grupo MailComms offers the energy company a graphometric signature solution with the following features:

  • Guaranteed reliability and full use of all CRM functionalities thanks to our native Salesforce connector.
  • Full legal reliability due to our accreditation as a qualified provider of trustworthy electronic services.
  • Omnichannel: the signing process is launched from Salesforce by the commercial area (offices and telephone) and detonated via e-mail message, SMS. All this in a personalized way. Optionally, they can be sent via WhatsApp, with the same legal validity.
  • High rate of obtaining a signature within a short time after sending thanks to the omnichannel and simplicity of the process for the user.
  • Graphometric signature: the customer draws his signature on a display device, this image is automatically transferred to a document as an authenticated signature image. Additionally, it extracts other metadata associated with the signature depending on the capabilities of the screen.
  • Simplification of the document management process associated with customers. All managed and visible from the Salesforce Platform.
  • Fully secured environment, we guarantee the confidentiality and protection of customer data.
  • Collection of evidence: signature itself, certification of sending, viewing and signing of documents, certification of content…
  • Extensive possibilities for incorporating functionalities within the Salesforce connector and in terms of the channels used. Option to carry out certified communications, identification processes, etc.

Applications and tools

Salesforce partner logoOur solution, chosen by Eleia Energía, is the graphometric electronic signature managed through our native Salesforce connector (CertySign). Conceived under the compliance by design philosophy, it allows you to generate, send, trace, certify and safeguard communications and transactions without leaving the Salesforce environment.

In addition, our Salesforce connector allows Eleia to continue to grow as your needs grow. All of this results in extreme fluidity, absolute traceability of shipments, certification of evidence, continuous improvement and enrichment of the 360º customer view offered by the powerful architecture of the Salesforce platform.

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