Sonia Lasheras, one of the most experienced people in our organization, will assume her new duties as CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) of the MailComms Group.

Sonia Lasheras Chief Information Security Officer

MailComms Group has appointed Sonia Lasheras Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Sonia, who has been involved with our project since the beginning of the activity in 1994, She will combine her new position with that of Director of Information Systems and Security and will also act as Data Protection Officer (DPO). of the group.

In an extremely technological environment, and one that is heavily influenced in regulatory terms by NIS2 and DORA directives among others, Sonia Lasheras will implement as CISO a 3D approach in which he will combine cybersecurity-related needs with business requirements and digitalization developments, both our own and those of the companies with which we collaborate.

As part of her new responsibilities, Sonia Lasheras will be in charge of planning the cybersecurity strategy for the MailComms Group and its member companies. In addition, it will continuously monitor compliance with digital security regulations and, as a provider group for the digital transition, will also lead the integration of measures to ensure reliability and security in our processes with customers.

“I feel very fortunate to take on this new professional challenge in my career, which has now spanned 3 decades at MailComms Group. Digital threats and technological security regulations are, today, the most important risks for organizations. At MailComms, and more specifically in the management for which I am now responsible, we have to be aware of the cybersecurity needs of our business and that of our customers and offer agile, cutting-edge solutions tailored to the reality of each company”, said Sonia after her appointment.

Congratulations, Sonia!