MailTecK & Customer Comms will once again participate in this year’s
Insurance Week
on February 19, 20 and 21 in Madrid.

Organized by INESE at IFEMA, the event has positioned itself in recent years as a benchmark meeting place for the insurance industry in Spain. During three days, analysis forums and sessions will be held to reflect on challenges, problems and trends for insurers, as well as to present new solutions for this sector.

As part of the Insurance Week agenda, MailComms Group organized a conference to discuss communications and compliance transactions in the insurance sector. This conference will take place on February 20 from 12:00 to 13:30 in Room 113-114 of the North Convention Center (IFEMA). MailComms consultants and high-level professionals in technology, security and legal aspects from companies such as MAPFRE and RegTech Solutions will participate.

The first part of the presentations will deal with innovation in GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance). This presentation will reflect on the importance of having technology as an ally within organizations to comply with the new European regulations. “If regulation is the main source of disruption for 86% of CEOs in the financial and insurance sectors, technology will be the best ally of market leaders,” says María Dolores Pescador, CEO & Co-Founder at RegTech Solutions and one of the speakers at the conference.

During the second part, technological solutions applied to the new European regulatory framework affecting insurers, such as the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) and the IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive), will be presented. “There are companies that have not adapted to the GDPR and, many of those that have, do not have the full legal guarantee or assurance that the process they have carried out is the correct one. The key is to know where we are and to ally ourselves with technology partners, such as OneSpan Sign, specialists in electronic signatures, with legal knowledge capable of implementing automated processes that guarantee full legal security,” says Fran Marina, Consultant at MailTecK & Customer Comms.

This part of the day will also include the collaboration of MAPFRE Spain, which will present a real case of obtaining consent. The insurer, with Rosa María Lago Espejo-Saavedra, Deputy Director of Security and DPO of MAPFRE Spain, will talk about how it is dealing with the RGPD regulation. “MAPFRE is a benchmark in the insurance sector. For this reason, this testimony is essential to talk about the challenges that the GDPR entails for the sector. We are currently working with insurers to incorporate technological solutions that accelerate the adaptation of companies to this regulatory framework,” he said. Javier Echebarria, CEO of MailTecK & Customer Comms.

The third part of the day will focus on the technological innovation for the insurance sector. Moisés Fimat, IT Consultant at MailCommswill demonstrate a disruptive online policy contracting process incorporating instant messaging and blockchain technology in an Alastria environment. “Our CertySign platform will accelerate the digital transformation of the insurance sector, as it will allow us to manage the entire certified online contracting process: multichannel generation and delivery, electronic signature, time stamping and custody of evidence in blockchain,” says Moisés Fimat.

MailTecK & Customer Comms is committed to technological development to improve personalized multichannel communications and transactions with customers. “As specialists in this field, we have the responsibility to increase our R&D to improve our solutions and collaborate in the digital transformation of organizations,” comments Javier Echebarria. “We have recently joined Alastria, a multi-sector consortium promoted by companies and institutions for the establishment of a semi-public blockchain/DLT infrastructure. This is just the beginning of a year in which we will focus on technology and innovation, always hand in hand with the customer”.