Security by Design

Cybersecurity within a multichannel communication management process is the pillar on which our technological developments are based. The trust this generates in our customers and the real threat posed by cybercrime today are more than enough reasons for us to Security by Design becomes our company philosophy. If you want to know more about this term, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) explains it in detail in this Privacy by Design Guide.

Security by Design

“This is our philosophy when developing our solutions, to introduce security into their DNA as a conviction and as a differential value. There are many types of innovation, and at MailTecK & Customer Comms we believe that one of the most important is to ensure privacy,” explains Moisés Fimat Product Owner at CertySign.

We materialize this privacy engineering through our CertySign platform, conceived under the so-called Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET).
Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET)
. They are based on integrating an orderly and coherent set of ICT solutions aimed at ensuring regulatory compliance and full legal validity of multichannel communications certification.

Privacy by design principles

We build secure environments

This design and development model is just one part of our security ecosystem. For example, we are part of the list of trusted electronic service providers of the Ministry of Economy and Digital Agenda for certified communications, electronic contracting, certified web publishing and digital custody, in accordance with the European eIDAS regulation. “We are an entity that interposes and guarantees both information security and data privacy as well as legal security in physical and electronic omnichannel communications and transactions” assures Fimat.

We also have ISO 27001, which endorses us as guarantors of security in data processing, and certifies our intensely secured environment that not only prevents security breaches (databreach), but also facilitates the management of personal data in accordance with the RGDP.

This entire ecosystem builds trust and privacy assurance into all of our omnichannel solutions, which is especially important when it comes to our trusted communications tools.


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