Modelo de burofax

Do you need to send a burofax and don’t know how to write it? In this post we explain everything and we leave you several burofax templates to download for free.

What is a burofax?

A bureaufax is a postal service that allows sending documents in a reliable way, that is to say, with legal validity. It is mainly used for legal claims, important communications or official notifications. The bureaufax ensures that the addressee receives the document at his address and an acknowledgement of receipt is obtained to prove delivery.

Sample burofaxes for claims

Here we present different models of burofax to claim unpaid debts or breach of contract. You can
download them in PDF
and adapt them to your specific needs.

Sample burofax to send a communication

If you need to make an important communication, such as a notice or a request, you can use this burofax template. All you have to do is fill in the corresponding data and write your message clearly and concisely. Remember to include your contact information so that the recipient can respond appropriately.

Model of burofax to make a claim

If you have to claim the payment of a debt or the fulfillment of a contract, this burofax model will be useful for you. It includes all relevant details, such as the amount due, due dates and terms of the contract. Be sure to write in a firm but respectful manner, and attach any documentation to support your claim.

How to write a burofax?

Writing a burofax properly is essential for your claim or communication to be effective. Here are some tips on how to write a professional bureaufax:

  1. Use clear and concise language. Avoid technical terms and complicated terms that may hinder the understanding of the message.
  2. Include all relevant data, such as names, addresses, contract numbers, dates and amounts involved.
  3. Be objective and precise in your writing. List the facts in an orderly fashion and present evidence or documents to support your claim.
  4. Express your expectations clearly and realistically. If you are claiming payment, set a deadline for payment.
  5. End the burofax politely and courteously, making it clear that you will take legal action if the problem is not resolved.

How to send a burofax?

Sending a burofax can be done in different ways, but an increasingly popular option is to do it online. There are specialized platforms that allow you to send bureaufaxes quickly and securely, saving time and costs.

How much does it cost to send a burofax?

The cost of sending a bureaufax may vary depending on the service provider and the characteristics of the mailing. Generally, a flat fee plus an additional fee is paid for each page of the document. In addition, if a certified acknowledgement of receipt is desired, there may be an extra charge. We recommend that you check the rates of different providers to find the most convenient option for you.


The burofax is a useful tool for legal claims and important communications. With the burofax templates provided in this article, you will be able to draft your claims properly and increase your chances of success. Remember to follow the drafting guidelines and send the burofax securely, either through traditional postal services or using specialized online platforms. Do not fail to protect your rights and secure your legal claims with the burofax!