Fondo digital

Today’s customer is at the center of every business transaction and keeping the customer engaged has never been more vital than it is now in a digital world.

A new customer initiates a relationship in the The customer is in the recommendation or recognition stage and goes through a cycle of defining a need, researching and evaluating a product, making a purchase, receiving an order, and using and disposing of a product. Increasingly, this type of behavior and interaction happens in an online process with the customer only choosing to engage with a company late in the sales cycle, if at all. If the customer has had little or no follow-up from the company they purchased from, or has had a bad experience, they will generally switch to a new supplier for any subsequent purchases and the opportunity for additional sales has been lost.

But there is a better way to ensure customer retention and capture those additional sales.

Invest in a strong customer engagement strategy and technology that will result in a customer eventually becoming a brand and product advocate who will recommend to others, while wanting to continue to build the relationship with new purchases and interactions. Instead of exiting the sales cycle, the committed customer makes new cycles. The traditional linear sales funnel model is replaced by a potential infinite loop of continuous engagement that drives increased interaction, brand loyalty and revenue growth.

El Customer Journey redefinido para un Mundo Digital.
El Customer Journey redefinido para un Mundo Digital.