We have just launched the Securized Burofax, a unique evolution in the market of our Postal Burofax, managed through PostaMail. This service, developed in collaboration with Itérita, reinforces in a definitive way the effectiveness in the delivery of postal notifications and their reciprocal legal security, both for the addressee and the sender.


Our Postal Burofax: a classic

Postal Burofax
has made a place in the market for its delivery success rate, through the postal channel, and for its level of legal reliability, which includes delivery control, time stamps, custody of evidence and notarial ratification, if requested by the client. It has also stood out for its level of service and capillarity, working only with the main and most reliable supplier in the sector, Correos.

In addition, it is backed by our information management and security processes, certified by ISO 27001 and 27701 and by our status as a trusted electronic service provider, a figure supported by European Regulation 910/2014 and the new Law 6/2020.

Itérita’s securitization process: total legal certainty

In collaboration with our partner, we verify the shipping address through the recipient’s ID card. This address becomes part, in a standardized way, of the BB. DD. customer, i.e., fewer errors and lower costs. We explain what the process consists of:

The Securitized Burofax: Upgrade to the next level

The work developed with
a benchmark firm in the area of research, and our commitment to continuous improvement now allows us to add new qualities in terms of delivery and legal reliability. From the recipient’s DNI we have access to a new level of verification of the address to which the notification has to arrive, which brings great advantages to the process:

  • Minimization of the risk of defects of form or delivery to legally unacceptable addresses.
  • Standardization and verification of addresses to maximize the delivery percentage, which facilitates the management of collections and recoveries.
  • Creation of a solid reputation in the market.
  • Legitimation of submissions before the courts:
    • They are recorded in the entity’s registry book (Law 05/2014 on Private Security).
    • Triple certification: Itérita + MailTecK + Correos.
    • Itérita’s final report signed by a private detective with his TIP number.

“This service is the result of our passion for innovation, our knowledge of our customers and our ability to surround ourselves with partners of reference. It is a unique product in the field of legal communications, providing guarantees to both sender and recipient and benefiting from our commitment to the ‘security by design’ philosophy.”
Iñaki Gómez-Echevarría
Sales Director at PostaMail.

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