Half of all smartphone owners have at one time or another scanned a QR code. And 1 in 5 times, that scan has ended in a purchase. We tell you about the possibilities offered by this solution for a transition from physical to digital and how we can accompany you through our QR2DIGITAL service.

QR2DIGITAL, el código QR como transición de lo físico a lo digital

A report by market research company Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) says that 20% of people who scan a QR code make a purchase after doing so. And the same analysis concluded that 70% of people think that the use of this element is really simple. In fact, half of all smartphone owners have used this functionality.

Mailteck-CustomerCommsDemocratization of QR codes in the wake of Covid-19

CMB professionals have conducted a study based on 1,200 surveys. If we think back to the beginning of the pandemic, instead of calling these people, the researchers could have approached the terraces of the bars of any city.

QR codes have been democratized with Covid-19. All types of users, regardless of age, level of education or “technification”, have taken out their cell phones to scan a QR on a table and access the digitized menu of the establishment. In fact, a phrase has even sounded repetitive for those less accustomed: “it’s as if you were going to take a photo, but when you focus, the mobile will offer you a link”.

Mailteck-CustomerCommsMultichannel: from physical to digital media

We have become accustomed to it and have incorporated this element into our lives. QR, by the way, stands for quick response. Ease of use has been present since its invention back in 1994. The example of letters illustrates very well one of the main practical applications of QR codes: multi-channeling. Or more specifically, the shift from physical to digital channels with benefits for both companies and users.

What customers will find will be a seamless transition from physical to digital and multi-device. And this is an opportunity for an engaging user experience. And if the proposing company uses the right tools, that step could be generic or even customized. For example, access, upon identification, to detailed information on their positions from a bank statement. Or to a possibility of upselling just for him from a utility bill or the renewal of an insurance policy.

Mailteck-CustomerCommsQR code effectiveness

For a company, the advantages go far beyond that. For starters, for innovation and design, a QR code always catches the eye in a physical format. And it facilitates your communication with customers, as a way to provide information quickly and with little chance of error: a code, a scan, a website. It is an efficient way to inform about promotions (for impact and cost savings), implement loyalty actions or launch campaigns to capture and improve the digital data of your customers.

It has also been proven to be effective. The conversion rate of the QR code is very high, as is the impact it has on the user and their interaction. At this point we can also talk about the frequency of sending communications, which are more frequent and less intrusive, and their rapid implementation. Reducing the time to market of campaigns and actions is always good news.

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