First of all, it is important to clarify what we mean by “Burofax” and to differentiate it from the main communications with which it is often confused in terms of legal validity. When we talk about “Burofax” we refer to that service that allows us to send documents that require proof before third parties of both the delivery and the content of the same. Given their high cost, in many cases more economical communications are sent, such as SMS or registered mail. Unlike the “Burofax”, these means may not be admitted as definitive evidence in a trial.

So, what is it that guarantees us the “Burofax” and makes it a Premium communication if we compare it with the previous ones? This notification is reliable evidence of the following the following information: sender of the communication, addressee of the same, result of its delivery (identity of the natural or legal person who receives it, and justified information of the reason why it has not been delivered in case it has not been delivered), dates of the states of the processing and complete content, accredited and certified by Correos or a trusted third party.

Postamail burofax

Failure to comply with all of the above points may result in a challenge to the validity of the evidence of shipment. Only if all of them are fulfilled will we be able to present it in a possible litigation with full probative value, protected by the Law 1/2000 of Civil Procedure. Thus, the main applications of the “Burofax” are those communications that may be susceptible to a possible legal problem. Among them we can mention the claim of debts, the cancellation of a service or the expiration or change in the conditions of a policy, a contract or an agreement, among others.

In these cases the company cannot take the risk and decides to opt for this communication. Until now, you had two possibilities for your shipment: use the Correos platform or use an alternative provider. Correos offers a delivery guarantee of almost 100% of its shipments, while the service of alternative platforms reaches between 60% and 70%. However, the latter are more economical.

After analyzing both alternatives, at MailTecK & Customer Comms Group we are already working with a hybrid solution, capable of offering the best advantages of the two previous options. This “Burofax”, with a quality similar to Correos, offers a more competitive price. In addition, it is an easy-to-use multichannel solution (it is sent in a few seconds and without the need to generate a PDF). The solution is known as
. It uses its own platform, generates the “Burofax” in color and even allows for international mailings.

In many cases the printing of the “Burofax” is still done in-house, or in the courier office itself, which incurs a security risk. The more people involved in the process, the more insecure the process will be, putting the confidentiality of the content at risk.
has a single printing center that works under maximum security protocols certified by the international standard ISO/IEC 27001 on Information Security Management Systems. This makes it possible to automate these jobs and ensure their reliability and traceability. It works as a printer integrated in the computer, from which postal (not only “Burofax”, but also registered letters, administrative mail, etc.) and electronic correspondence is generated. The client can choose between the different types of certified notification offered by the platform and choose the ideal service for each case and each client. Once the communications are issued, we take care of their printing, enveloping, postmarking and postage, as well as their safekeeping during the period agreed with our clients.

This type of platform represents a significant savings for companies by avoiding paper stocks and reducing communication management times. It also makes it easier for the organization to obtain a series of statistics relating to the allocation of cost per user or cost per department, work unit, plant, etc. This information streamlines the management of expenses and their allocation, guaranteeing control of the process for the company. As a result, it significantly increases its productivity and can also improve its sustainability policy by opting for communications that have a lower environmental impact and reduce its carbon footprint.

It should be noted that the “Burofax” solution offered by PostaMail complies with Law 34/2002 on information society services and electronic commerce, as well as Regulation (EU) eIDAS 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services. MailTecK & Customer Comms offers as Trusted Service Provider (Trusted Third Party) a certification of content, evidence of deliverythe trace of the whole process, applying a time stamp to it for an absolute guarantee against any variation in the document, keeping all of them securely; and it allows to send automatically confirmations of receipt, departure for delivery, delivery to the addressee, or its return to origin if it was not possible to do so.