We always talk about the unstoppable evolution of technology, but not so often do we talk about the development of the different legislations and the duties they imply for tourism companies and travelers. As a Regtech company, every day we face the challenge for organizations to comply with different legislations, some sectorial, others general... in any case, each one of them is the origin of a small or big internal revolution to adapt processes aimed at compliance. Technology once again becomes the perfect ally to comply with the regulations in a manageable way and to remove the reasonable fear of non-compliance and associated fines.


Our tools help companies and digital tourists in processes involving, for example, the Royal Decree 23/2018 on the transposition of directives on package travel or the Order INT/321/2021 on the identification and registration of hotel establishment customers or the GDPR and their requirements in terms of express consents or processing of personal data.

Today we would like to share several examples where our technologies, developed following the philosophy
“Security by design” philosophy
support companies in the tourism sector in adapting to regulatory requirements throughout the entire multichannel communication process with their customers.

Digitalización del proceso

Digitalization of the process prior to check-in, with full legal guarantee.

Order INT/321/2021, which has just entered into force this April 28, and its considerations regarding the registration and check-in of travelers, invites the industry to accelerate its digital transformation processeswhen dealing with Passenger Entry Parties.

Along the same lines, we provide a solution that responds to the need to speed up the check-in process prior to arrival and remotely, in compliance with current regulations. The customer provides, prior to registration, all the necessary data for identification, which, together with their validation through a signature process, are sent to PMS (Property Management System) of the hotel, which manages them internally to send them to the authorities, thus complying with current regulations.

The adoption of this process represents a significant time and cost savings for the hotel, as well as strengthening the confidence of its customers, which considerably improves their experience.

Itinerario digital

Digital itinerary

It works as a dynamic document developed under HTML5, highly personalized, which includes in the same point all the services contracted by the traveler, as well as the documentation generated and cross-selling possibilities.

The tool incorporates digital identification and electronic signature and traces all customer interactions. This allows to know and analyze their behavior to offer a better service and also to obtain time stamps and other evidence that increase the probative validity of the processes.

The digital itinerary, together with our combination of multichannel applications, allows the integration of channels and devices in an indistinct and fluid way, always with the cohesion that the look & feel of the company that generates the service deserves and also with total respect to its messages and the philosophy it conveys.

Our digital itinerary facilitates compliance with the new package travel regulations resulting from the transposition of the European Union Directive 2015/2302. This text raises the level of passenger protection and regulatory uniformity in member countries, increases user confidence and builds a level playing field for competition. Consumer rights, such as the right to receive information, withdrawal or assistance, are reliably guaranteed through the functionalities we provide.

Firma electrónica

Electronic signature.

Our signature solution is integrated into any multichannel communication process with customers, providing full legal reliability to the signature of documents and keeping the evidence for at least five years.

Focusing on the tourism sector, our signature solution facilitates compliance with the requirements established in Royal Decree 23/2018 on the transposition of directives on package travel.

Cumplimiento RGPD

GDPR compliance – obtaining express consent

European laws for the defense of the interests of consumers and citizens require the accreditation of the express and unequivocal consent of the customer to use his data when there is no other legitimate basis for it. This consent has to be granted for each purpose requested, so it can be multiple , making its management more complex. The lack of express consent is subject to heavy fines, so its accreditation becomes a major issue for companies.

We have a solution with which you can obtain express consent in a fast and automated way through various channels (email, web, SMS, phone or mail), or at your customers’ points of contact. After obtaining consent and accreditation of the process, a digital custody service of evidence is available for use with full probative value in a possible litigation.

Identificación digital

Digital identification with full legal validity

The certified digital identification offered by a Qualified Trusted Service Provider allows the validation of identification documents such as ID cards and their facial comparison with the captured image of the customer.

Digital identification reduces the possibilities of fraud due to identity theft and also contributes to the digitalization of communication processes.

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