Postal letters will always play an important role in transactional communications with customers, despite the inexorable advance of digital communications. They are even adapting and evolving, using new digital techniques that improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Comunicaciones transaccionales en papel y digital simultaneo

For years now, digital agencies have been telling us all about how paper is wasteful and outdated, and that digital is the way to go. Meanwhile, printing and postal companies argue that there is no substitute for the physical.

The fact is that both are right. Postal mail is certainly a mainstay of communication, especially for companies in heavily regulated industries. But just because postal letters are “old” doesn’t mean we can’t apply new (and more efficient) methods to them.

If you can optimize your postal mail and combine it with new digital communication techniques, you can help reduce the cost and complexity of mailing, while improving response rates, making it a multi-channel communication.

On the other hand, you can also use techniques to improve your postal mail while reducing your costs:

Optimizing your postage

Checking your database to make sure postal codes are complete, or changing the design of an envelope to get cheaper postal rates.

Consolidating the shipment with others

If you regularly send small amounts of postal mail, combining your mailings with other companies in a similar position can help you achieve volume savings.

Saying goodbye to the office printer

With hybrid mail, your teams can still send letters with a single click from their desktop, but the physical printing and mailing is done by a service company like MailComms Group, saving up to 60% of your costs.

Personalizing more than your name

With new digital document management tools and processes, it is now possible to create compelling data visualizations for individual account histories, or change images and inserts to match personal details, automatically and by letter.

Printing each piece from a blank piece of paper

Creating each mailing from blank paper rather than pre-printing offset is much more flexible, saves space and waste, and means you can send new mailings to market faster, without having to store stock of pre-printed paper.

With the transpromo

By including marketing materials in your transactional mail, or even in free blanks on invoices, you can make your mailing much more efficient. Some companies even charge marketing teams internally for including these additional materials in transactional mailings.

Small mailing changes, big multichannel improvements

If you are interested in making the most of these optimizations and exploring all the benefits they can offer, download our eBook ‘Using paper and digital at the same time’.

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Ebook Comunicaciones transaccionales en papel y digital simultaneo

In addition, you will learn about some practical examples of multichannel customer communications, where paper and digital channels are equally important to achieve an organization’s objective.

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