On Tuesday, December 1, we participated in a conference organized by the Association of Insurance Mediation of Financial Institutions (AMAEF).

Over the course of an hour, Fran Marina, IT consultant specializing in legal communications, and David Griñan, commercial director of the MailTecK & Customer Comms group, explained our approach to the requirements of the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) and how, thanks to our experience and our Certysign platform, we facilitate the integration of the document composition and management process, electronic signature, traceability and custody of evidence. And always, with full legal guarantee.

Jornada AMAEF sobre el control documental, firma electrónica y trazabilidad en la IDD

The objective of the IDD is to harmonize the different national consumer protection legislations , regardless of the channel through which the consumer has purchased his insurance. This regulation affects all companies in the area in a cross-cutting manner and in a large percentage of their day-to-day operations.

How do we support our customers in their compliance? From our extensive experience in the insurance sector and as specialists in multichannel communications with legal reliability, we offer our clients the following services CertySign, a solution for the integrated and secure management of multichannel communications and electronic signature with full legal validity.

CertySign reliably solves the most relevant aspects of the IDD on the company-customer relationship. Facilitates, for example, the certified shipment of pre-contractual information and of the different suitability and appropriateness tests. Processes the electronic signatures of contracts and stores the evidence in secure environments for at least 6 years. All this, in multi-channel and multi-device environments to, in addition to offering legal security to companies, provide an attractive customer experience for the end user.

Want to know how we can advise and facilitate your IDD compliance and what our CertySign platform can do for you?

Tell us about your company's needs and we will offer you tailor-made solutions that combine our legal and industry expertise with our technological specialization.


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