Did you join Urban Events' "Digital Transformation in the Insurance Sector" event but want to remember what we told? Or maybe you were not able to attend but you are interested in knowing how we can accompany your company on this path, based on an effective, attractive and legally reliable multichannel communication. In either case, read on. This is the chronicle (and video) of our presentation.

Transformación Digital en el Sector Asegurador

The customer is in control. It was already so before Covid-19, but the pandemic has entrenched this expression to an extent that no one would suspect. During these months a new way of doing things has emerged : remote, omnichannel, multi-device and through an engaging customer experience . The key concept here is: digital transformation.

Our participation in the conference “Digital Transformation in the Insurance Sector“, by Urban Events was developed around the management of omnichannel communication with customers as an accelerator of the digital transformation of the sector. David Griñán, Commercial Director of Customer Comms, was the conductor of our intervention, which you can review in the following video.

For about 20 minutes, our director unpacked how any company in the insurance industry can centralize and map in Salesforce the omnichannel communications with legal value launched through our CertySign application. Griñán explained how our platform offers traceability capabilities, test custody and certifications for at least five years, all in a secure environment.

Our technology, developed in-house, facilitates the connection between different tools, generating a technological ecosystem that guarantees the traceability of omnichannel communications with legal value throughout the entire customer journey: recruitment, contracting, development, claims and loyalty.

Thanks to the combination of our 27701 and 27001 certifications in terms of security and privacy of information, we offer the best guarantee for the treatment of personal data in accordance with current legislation, a particularly important aspect in communications in the insurance sector such as contracts, renewals, changes of conditions or personalized promotions.

And if you want to know how to apply our tools to the specific processes of your company, leave us your details and a specialist will contact you as soon as possible.


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