We will present, through successful cases of the sector, personalized multichannel communication solutions and electronic signature contracting, applied to the tourism sector, which facilitate compliance with current legislation.

  • The solution brings together personalized information, in digital format, of the travel services demanded and the related contracts that are accepted by electronic signature with full legal validity.
  • Enables compliance with the new European Directive (EU) 2015/2302 on package travel and linked travel services transposed by Royal Decree-Law 23/2018. on package travel and linked travel services transposed by Royal Decree-Law 23/2018.
soluciones de comunicación y firma electrónica

Leganés, 22/01/2020. Mailteck & Customer Comms will be presented in Fitur 2020, the Personalized Digital Travel Itinerary, your integral electronic signature solution applied to contractual information and the contracting of package tours and related travel services. In our SegitturLab hands-on workshop, which will take place on Thursday, January 23 at 3 p.m., we will show a case of integration with the travel itinerary in a digital format and storable on a smartphone, as a single integrated document.

This solution enables companies in the tourism sector to comply with current regulations regarding the provision of traveler information (Article 155. Content of the package travel contract and documents to be delivered prior to the start of the trip). It also makes it easier to obtain the acceptance of the contractual conditions and the RGPD consent for the use of the traveler’s personal data, by means of an electronic signature, with full legal validity.

With the Digital Travel Itinerary, the traveler has at his or her disposal from his or her cell phone, in a single digital document, of all travel informationThe services offered include: flights, hotel, transfers, insurance, rental car, excursions, among others, with the travel contracts as well as the cancellation and assistance insurance contracts. All this guarantees an optimal customer experience, as they will have immediate access to all contracted services and signed contracts.

David Griñan, commercial director of Customer Comms, will be in charge of conducting the practical demonstration as part of Fitur Know-How & Export, an eminently innovative forum created by the Secretary of State for Tourism, through SEGITTUR and FITUR in collaboration with ICEX Spain.

The solution incorporates the expertise of Mailteck & Customer Comms, Regtech company (technological expert in regulatory compliance) and Trust Service Provider certified by the Ministry of Economy and Business, in the generation, distribution and archiving of dynamic digital communications for online service contracting processes for sectors such as Tourism, Finance, Insurance, Telecoms, Energy, Retail, etc., which end with an electronic signature and digital custody of documents and evidence. All this, with the maximum legal guarantee according to the current European legislation eIDAS and with the technology of Onespan Sign, our international electronic signature partner.

As a Regtech company and certified trusted third party expert in customer communications and transactions, we have been offering solutions and services for years for dynamic communications, registration and management of express consents in personal data protection with the custody of the intervening documents and evidence. Our know-how allows us to design customized solutions for each client, such as, for example, this development for top-level companies in the tourism sector”, Griñan points out, adding: “We have also been able to develop a new product for the tourism sector.The Digital Travel Itinerary unifies the content of the package travel contract and the documents provided prior to the start of the trip into a single digital document, regardless of the complexity of the trip to be contracted”.

The workshop will also explain other solutions for electronic identification through facial biometrics with validation of identity documents such as ID cards and passports that ensure legal compliance with the checking of online contracting processes for services, especially financial services. These are the same identification tools used in the fight against fraud, identity theft, money laundering and terrorism.


Do you want to know our specialized solutions for the tourism sector? See you at the workshop we will be holding at SegitturLab next Thursday, January 23rd at 3 pm. Here you have all the data:

Date: Thursday, January 23
Time: From 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Location: SegitturLab. Fitur, pavilion 10. IFEMA

If we do not coincide in SegitturLab, stop by our booth 10A 46 in hall 10, we will be happy to assist you.

Don’t forget to register! If you are a professional, access IFEMA’s registration from this link: https://seguro.ifema.es/ControlUsuarios/login.htm?idioma=es&url=REGN_ES_FTPRI20&_ga=2.133343502.1243053574.1578399823-2039829080.1568797398

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