2021 is the year of legal communications for MailTecK & Customer Comms. This has always been one of the group's strategic lines, but during the year that has just begun, the focus will be intensified with special involvement of the product development department with the CertySign platform, reinforced by the incorporation of professionals in the areas of Product Marketing and Sales.

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Basis of digital transformation

For the group, legal communications (certified, GDPR and electronic signature), one of the foundations of the digital transformation of companies’ interactions with their customers, are the “spearhead” of its business development strategy in the medium and long term.

“From the beginning, the need for the points of contact between company and client to be legally binding was present, but the pandemic, with its restrictions on movement, has turned the legal evidentiary value of remote communications and transactions into an indispensable point. The pandemic will end, but the new reality has no turning back. And here, purchases, contracts, renewals, claims and service terminations communicated and signed remotely are key,” explains David Griñán, the group’s commercial director.

MailTecK & Customer Comms is strengthening its commitment to legal communications. This is undertaken from three areas of the company: technology, sales and marketing.

Proprietary technology: CertySign

On the technological side, CertySign is the flagship created by the group to meet the needs related to legal notices and electronic signatures. It is a robust platform that is quick to implement and easy to integrate with ERP, CRM, document management systems, etc., of each company. The tool allows, from a single point, to create and launch certified communications and signature processes and to analyze customer behavior, with total traceability and flexibility, since it offers the possibility of making modifications in real time if the response data so require. All of the above with total reliability and legal probative value.

CertySign is combined with tools such as
for certified postal communications, the most notorious example of which is the postal bureaufax, and with Onespan ‘s electronic signature when the scope of its use is international, covering all the communications and legal transaction needs of any company in both physical and digital channels.

Qualified provider of electronic delivery services.

“The efficiency offered by the integration of different tools in a single multichannel personalized communication process translates not only into the optimization of the process itself but also into considerable cost savings for our customers,” Griñán emphasizes.


“Our value proposition wants to go beyond the material: we want to become a partner that offers its customers the peace of mind that comes from being a qualified provider of electronic delivery servicesThis allows us not only to offer a strong guarantee of delivery, but also the storage and custody of valid evidence as proof against any legal problem that may arise, always from the most scrupulous eIDAS compliance“, he adds.

The development of MailTecK & Customer Comms’ legal communications strategy for 2021 involves becoming drivers of the digital transformation of companies using our certified communications and electronic signature solutions as levers.