A few weeks ago a new edition of Insurance Revolution was held, a meeting organized by iKN Spain and attended by 390 professionals. We approached it with a dual role of sponsors and speakers to actively participate in its agenda, full, dynamic and innovative, in which the weight was shared between the novelties of the sector and networking.

In an edition in which the focus was on the leadership of digital ecosystems in the sector and the adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) as a disruptive element. From MailTecK & Customer Comms we introduce our process related to the insurance revolution. Digital onboarding which, as part of a digital welcome pack, integrates a facial recognition identification process and OneSpan’s electronic signature.

Our booth in the Experience Room.

At our booth in the Experience Room, Francisco Marina, the company’s Legal Communication Manager, led the demonstration we conducted for the attendees. We simulate a trip identical to the one a new customer makes when signing up with an insurance company through our welcome pack. It operates on three levels: security in the transmission and protection of data, 360º communication for a coherent and fluid customer experience, and legality, with compliance with all regulatory requirements for effective customer registration.

All of this is surrounded and supported by the pillars that support our activity. We are specialists in certified communications, electronic notifications, customer consent management (of crucial importance since the entry into force of the current GDPR), and certified web publications. We approach these aspects from the technological vanguard, so necessary today in a sector strongly marked by four main challenges: big data, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and blockchain. Our CEO, Javier Echebarría, explains it in this pill recorded on video during the same event.

Our insurance revolution solutions.

Together with Alfonso Gimeno, Francisco Marina explained through an example how any company can participate in this digitalized present thanks to solutions such as those developed by MailTecK & Customer Comms. Developments that, based on the look & feel of the insurance company, turn customer onboarding into a simple, fast and trust-building process. The client not only hires but, after a frankly positive experience, reaffirms that his decision was the right one. And this feeling will be with you when you are faced with new needs.

The value we place on events like Insurance Revolution is enormous. That is why we not only participate but also support them as much as we can. Once again we have experienced a day of conversations and learning and we have had the opportunity to tell what we do and how we do it: adapting to the needs of each company while ensuring an exemplary service and full compliance with current regulations,” said David Griñán, Commercial Director at Customer Comms, after the event. “I would like to congratulate iKN Spain for the success of their proposal and for how they facilitate, from the organization and through innovative solutions, that those present reach such an intense level in terms of sharing experiences,” he added.

Other data of the day.

In addition, during the event, held on November 28, we had our own permanent space in the exhibition area. In our previous plans, we imagined this place as a meeting point with all those who attended and, when the day ended, we did not fail to comment on the valuable conversations that had taken place there. We hope that they were as enriching for the professionals who attended as they were for us.

There is only one thing left to say. Thanks to all the professionals who were there. See you at the next edition of Insurance Revolution.