In the processes of digital transformation of customer relationships, the analytics of data and customer interactions is the starting point for achieving the best customer experience in omnichannel communication processes. To optimize the analysis, the data must be of high quality, i.e. complete, enriched with external variables and reliable. However, the reality is that most companies do not have quality data, which is causing not only heavy financial losses, but also major deficiencies in customer service.

data quality

Adequate data quality will allow to accurately identify the needs of each customer, improving their experience and thus strengthening both the acquisition and retention phases, which ultimately leads to an increase in sales, as well as savings in operating costs.

With Customer Comms’ Data Quality solution, data is improved and completed, both at the source, applying quality rules in its capture, and in the subsequent massive processes of normalization and enrichment to optimize its analysis. Finally, we will cross-reference your customers with the Robinson list so that you will not be sanctioned by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. On the other hand, we will help you to enrich your company’s data by assigning a georeferencing or adding variables provided by the INE, the Cadastre or other geolocation variables. Also public data accessible through the Internet.

Since the entry into force of the GDPR, organizations are obliged to ensure that personal data, whether of current or future customers or employees, is complete and accurate. They must also rectify inaccurate personal data and complete incomplete data without delay.

Our Data Quality solution helps to meet this obligation and offers significant added value in this regard. And it does so from a twofold perspective. On the one hand, it improves communication between companies like yours with their customers or users by using correct personal data, while optimizing the results of your omnichannel campaigns: by phone, email, sms, web, postal or the combination of several of these channels.

In addition, it limits your firm’s exposure to possible sanctions by keeping the databases it uses in top form, as well as offering you the possibility of integration with the Robinson List to keep possible exclusions up to date at all times.

Thus, we can say that Data Quality is a set of methodologies, techniques, services and products to maintain the state of the information in the databases in the best possible condition and that their exploitation is optimal.We have a wide range of business and legal issues. Some of its benefits are:

  • Improved brand image.
  • It allows to deal with communications through different channels without duplication and free of error, with the consequent direct cost savings, increased effectiveness of campaigns and improved customer service.
  • Helps design and optimize the management of internal processes for new customer acquisition and retention of existing customers, with a focus on future business improvement actions.
  • Optimize information accurately at all times for reliable and timely analysis and reporting for decision making.
  • Enables compliance with regulatory obligations.

That is, it works hand in hand with your database, whatever its state, and it does so through a technically simple interaction. Your company will not need to invest in system modifications or have specialized technicians. The deadlines are short, the costs very contained and the results, immediate and with guaranteed quality, through 3 differentiated modules:

  • Data Cleansing: Sanitize and clean your data. Normalizes the records and their fields. Eliminates duplicates.
  • Data Plus: Enrich your databases with cross-referenced information from qualified external sources such as the INE and the Cadastre or Google georeferencing. It also offers the possibility of enriching the database with specific information through web crawling techniques in other sources (competitors’ websites, portals, social networks, etc.).
  • Data Law:Guarantee of regulatory compliance. GDPR by crossing the Robinson list.

In short, Data Quality partners with your database to increase the impact of your campaigns and ensure compliance. Clean up your records, enrich your customer segmentations and, in addition, ask the Robinson List if the sender has expressed his wish in this global repository of exclusions.

Do you want to know how your company can apply Data Quality and what results it can obtain, in a customized way?

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