Think for a moment about the path an employee follows in your company. From before the start, with the sending of a formal offer, to the moment you leave the company or retire with the signing of a severance or liquidation agreement. In between, over the years, you will have signed dozens of documents of various types: salary increases, special agreements, health insurance renewals, receipt of equipment, confirmations of having received mandatory training, modifications of working conditions...

firma electrónica para empresas

Quick response, error reduction, confidentiality, paper savings, environmental footprint are some of the benefits of electronic signatures.

And now multiply all these documents, including those hidden behind the ellipses, by the size of the workforce you manage and relate the result directly to the number of employees working in the HR department. A a suitable, simple and flexible e-signature solution applied to the management of people in a company almost immediately exerts an impact on the positive impact on their daily lives, with benefits that go far beyond convenience or time savings and with the ability to lead the digital transformation. Here we explain them to you.

Let’s start from the beginning, because at that point the electronic signature can already play a differentiating role. From the point of view of the new employee, landing in a company where the welcome process is easily “officialized” through any device, is a reinforcement in their decision to join the project. On the other hand, the final offer, the contract, the confidentiality statement or proof of mandatory initial training are just some of the examples of documents that may pass through your hands in the first week. Between the “sign it and bring it to me” and the “click and send” there is a space that the company’s image has a lot to gain in terms of employee experience.

The HR manager will also appreciate the benefits of a system that is easy to use, integrates seamlessly with his or her usual management software, collects documents, traces and proofs of return, and stores everything for five years, with full legal guarantee. And that the people who work with him have more time to generate value and need to spend less time on unfulfilling tasks.

MailTecK and Customer Comms’ electronic signature solution allows these benefits to be achieved quickly, after a short implementation period and with a contained investment. Once integrated into the company’s systems, a single click triggers the signature processes which, through an API developed by the Group’s Technology team, makes a real-time call to the electronic signature platform. The tool sends an e-mail to the employee with a link to the document or contract to be signed. And if necessary and if the situation requires it, authentication by OTP (one time password) code sent by SMS can be included. All dressed with the look & feel of the company, a plus in confidence and professionalism.

The simplification of procedures on both sides is a significant advantage with positive knock-on effects, but there is more. The speed of response is one of them, in addition to reducing errors, often significant, and facilitating the necessary confidentiality in many of these processes. But we also find in the list of advantages the saving of paper, good for the environment and good for the economy of any company.
The benefits are numerous and integration is quick and easy. MailTecK & Customer Comms’ electronic signature solution adapts to the needs of your HR department and offers brilliant performance whether your company has a large, geographically atomized workforce, an SME looking for efficiency or a company with thousands of employees in a few work centers.

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