With more communication channels available to companies than ever before, marketing strategies are becoming diluted. Consumers are demanding personalized content, and GDPR and ePECR are causing headaches in boardrooms. For email marketing providers, the mood is pessimistic, but is it true? It is not true! Here are some reasons to be optimistic.

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More channels means more information about your customers

The increasing number of ways in which your customers can receive marketing communications has the added benefit of giving you more information than ever about their behaviors. The actions your customers take in response to digital communications – opens, clicks, web visits, social media interaction (via links in email) – can be used for your analytics, follow-up communications and content personalization. If you know that an individual customer responds in a certain way to a certain message, this data will provide you with valuable information that can help you know how to communicate with those customers next time, improve results and increase ROI.

Email still plays, and will continue to play, a central role in how companies communicate with their customers within an omnichannel communication strategy.

According to the Direct Mail Association’s (DMA) Consumer Email Tracking report, 99% of consumers check their personal email inbox every day.

The same survey concludes that 83% of respondents still use the first email address they created as their primary account, showing an attachment to the technology.

It also notes that only 20% of respondents think that most marketing emails contain useful information. This offers a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Similarly, only 60% of consumers believe that brands use email well.

So what does this mean? This means that email is still a trusted channel for consumers, but brands are missing the opportunity to deliver engaging communications. It also means that when a customer gives you their email address and consent for email marketing, they understand that they are handing over a piece of very valuable personal information, so brands must respect that exchange and work hard to send high-quality communications. People check their email all the time, averaging 20 times a day according to the DMA report, but a large portion of them feel that marketers fail to deliver engaging content.

When consumers were asked what makes a brand’s electronic communications good, they cited “useful information and news,” as well as relevant messaging, as the most important factors. If a brand wants to provide them, it can only be achieved by ‘listening’ to the needs and behaviors of its customers, through communication touch points, and then ‘speaking’ to them in a way that gets their attention and motivates them to act.

Brands must continue to try to be relevant to their customers. With the new General Data Protection Regulation that came into play (and the PECR will soon follow), now presents an ideal ‘reset point’ to consider who we should and should not contact, as well as the channel(s) to employ: your communication strategy could suffer legal and financial risk, as all of this is not just a consideration for best practice.

How can we help you?

From MailTecK & Customer Comms we offer a comprehensive email marketing service with high global capabilities as a specialist partner in deliverability and support. In addition, we are certified to the highest standards of data security and privacy, such as ISO 27001.

Our email marketing tool allows you to perform from
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At MailComms we also take care of the segmentation of campaigns, the personalization of variables, the crossing of exclusion lists or the automatic management of unsubscribes. In addition, we have the necessary technology to automate shipments within an overall plan of annual campaigns.

As we have pointed out, MailComms also offers communication analytics as a strategic point for improving your communications. In this way, we prepare specific reports on your campaigns with the main KPI’s of deliverability and effectiveness. Thanks to the
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With all of the above tools and techniques at your disposal, we can help you deliver positive experiences to your customers, engage them with your brand, and ultimately deliver a positive return on investment.

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The content of the first part of this article has been extracted from Paragon.