Aenor has just granted us certification as a trust service provider in qualified electronic certified delivery service, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation for electronic identification and transactions. This accreditation joins others granted by the same entity, such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001 or ISO 27701, the latter in the process of being processed, to form a common context: the quality, security and guarantee of our services for our customers, ensuring legal compliance in the field of Personal Data Protection. In this article we explain them to you.


Our commitment to excellence and quality was born at the same time as our activity and is present today in every step we take: it is part of the DNA of the MailTecK & Customer Comms group. This responsibility is materialized through different certifications that offer great benefits for the clients we accompany on their path to digital transformation:

  1. Security and risk control in the processing of personal data.

  2. Obtaining personalized and agile services.

  3. Legal peace of mind: some certifications certify our knowledge and the correct integration of national and EU regulations.

  4. Cost savings: transparent and standardized processes.

  5. Quality of deliveries based on our policy of continuous improvement.

ISO 9001, integral quality

If we go from the general to the particular, ISO 9001 is the best way to start this brief review. Its relevance is crucial and global. It is the world reference in terms of quality management certification, a benchmark. It also offers methodologies and controls to achieve consistent performance and quality of service. Our work is based on exhaustive planning and execution, which allows us to meet the objectives and deadlines agreed with our clients. ISO 9001 sets guidelines in the same direction, that of continuous business improvement, resilience, sustainability and good governance.

ISO 27001, Information Security

ISO 27001, on the other hand, puts all its attention on information security management, in accordance with the UNE ISO IEC 27001:2014 standard. Our scope is fully aligned with the company’s strategy and the globality of the services we provide: “Information systems that support design services, development and management of technological projects and innovation in the multichannel communication sector”. In other words, Aenor certifies in this case our good performance in the core of our business.

Compliance with eIDAS regulation

Aenor is also the entity that has granted us the certification of trust service providers in qualified service of certified electronic delivery, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation for electronic identification and transactions.

It is an essential certification for trustworthy electronic service providers.

Our clients enjoy what it means, as it ensures maximum efficiency and transparency in our activity, simplification of processes (which means cost savings) and a great capacity to adapt to specialized and changing environments, that is, to your needs, at all times.

Aenor’s conformity places us as specialists in compliance with the eIDAS regulation, after all, this organization is the first and only one recognized by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) to certify all the services included in the regulation.

ISO 27701, Information Privacy

Certification that we are currently in the process of processing with AENOR. This is a reliable demonstration, valid worldwide, of our compliance with all legal requirements regarding Personal Data Protection, especially those established in the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Spanish law LOPDGDD.

These certifications allow us to materialize our commitment to our customers, offering them an efficient service based on process optimization, which facilitates cost reduction. Everything conceived from the beginning, in a secure environment, through our CertySign platform, which provides our clients with total peace of mind in the judicial field.

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