GMC Insurance

White paper from our partner GMC that conveys the ease of implementing GMC Inspire in multichannel customer communication processes without the need to replace legacy systems.

Although there has been much talk about restructuring the data and communications outputs of legacy systems to provide modern customer communications management (CCM), the approach to the solution has not been sufficiently understood.

With investment budgets down and profits dwindling, legacy application maintenance is the most commonly contemplated despite the number of problems it has.

With the help of Forrester as an independent analyst, this whitepaper takes a look at what systems restructuring means for insurance companies. Reviews three options for upgrading systems to achieve multichannel communications comparing cost, risk and implementation time to achieve results. Through case studies, the benefits of maintaining brand consistency, legal compliance, risk and commercial opportunities are explained.

It will be shown that:

  • More than two thirds of all customer communications are print and not multichannel (mobile, email, web, etc.).
  • 70% of insurance companies are planning or are currently considering projects to improve customer communications in the next 12 months.

Finally, this document brings us questions that help us to choose the path for the implementation of a multichannel communication strategy throughout the organization.

Javier Echebarria