Comunicaciones Certificadas Omincanal

Customer Comms offers companies like yours the ability to to give legal value to communications, by any means or channel, both physical and digital. In this way, we will be able to certify communications you consider appropriate throughout the life cycle of your customer: contracting, renewal, contractual changes, claims… simplifying processes and saving costs.

Due to the incorporation in the list of certified service providers by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, in compliance with the requirements established by Law 59/2003 regarding electronic signatures, Customer Comms is official provider of electronic certification services. In this way, we comply with the European Regulation number 910/2014which refers to electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, known as eIDAS.

This certification allows us to offer a wide range of services ranging from certified communication, both by post and via email, web or SMS; through certified contracting; to the management of digital custody services.

Customer Comms offers you
great advantages
in the certification of your omnichannel communications with your customer:

  • All-in-one service
  • Integral service that allows total control of the process through a single supplier. Simplify your management by avoiding integration with several suppliers, which saves costs and management time.
  • Legal certainty
  • Informing the client about the certification can have a dissuasive effect in avoiding complaints, just as it offers the necessary probative value when it is not possible to avoid the legal conflict. It is also certified in response to requests from regulatory bodies (DGSFP, CNMV, BdE) or when physical channels are abandoned.
  • Online and offline channels
  • You will be able to obtain certifications of your communications through physical and electronic channels such as paper, email and sms. This certification can focus on the messages of one channel or on the combination of several that are produced during the communication process.
  • Selective certification
  • Select only communications that require a legal value. During the communication process you will be able to decide: the customer, the content, the channel and the moment you need to certify the communications with your customers throughout their lifecycle.
  • Integrated tracking
  • It will allow you to know the interaction of your customer at each stage of the communication process through any physical or electronic channel, and the integrated analysis of the whole process will facilitate the adaptation of your communication strategy to your customer’s needs.
  • Advanced electronic custody
  • We keep the selective certificates with the collected evidence for at least five years. We store the body of the message, attachments, logos and tracking, which have been generated during the entire communication process.

If you want to learn how we manage certified communications and e-procurement
download our WhitePaper.