On Tuesday, January 30, we will hold a free online meeting to discuss compliance, risks, sanction grounds and consent management, all in the GDPR environment and from the legal and technological aspects. Will you join us?

On May 25, 2018, the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) began in the countries that are part of the European Union. The regulation had entered into force two years earlier, but this “gap” period was provided for companies, organizations and administrations to adapt their regulations to the new data processing requirements. More than 5 years later data management companies are less clear on how to ensure full compliance. We know this from our experience and also after studying the sanctioning data of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, as well as similar entities operating in other countries.

We have organized a webinar together with our trusted and highly specialized partner, ECIX, to explain regulatory, management and compliance aspects of this essential legislation for any company communicating with customers, suppliers or even its own employees.

The practical details of this seminar are:

  • Title: GDPR Consent Management: How to effectively manage legal and regulatory risks.
  • Day: Tuesday, January 30.
  • Time: 10 a.m.
  • Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Invitation: free through this link to reserve your place.

During the meeting we will review the most relevant legal and technological aspects related to:

  • Self-analysis, by each company, of its particular situation with regard to the GDPR and the potential risks it faces.
  • The most common reasons for which the AEPD sanctions.
  • Fully compliant GDPR consent management so that companies can communicate with customers, suppliers and employees with complete peace of mind.
  • The possibilities offered by technology to help companies manage GDPR compliance with assurance.

Intense sanctioning activity

The latest data available to us, those of 2022, once again placed Spain as the European country in which the most sanctions had been imposed. This top spot on the list has remained unchanged since 2018. The average amount per fine (182) in 2022 was 82,682. And the intense sanctioning activity of the AEPD affected companies of all sectors and sizes.

During the webinar we will extensively develop the most common reasons why the agency acts and we will see how to ensure proper compliance.

Allied technology for compliance

During the webinar we will discuss the possibilities offered by technology to ensure compliance with the GDPR. Our alliance with ECIX, also a RegTech company like MailComms Group, allows us to offer a comprehensive, omnichannel and reliable personal data management service in accordance with the European regulation. Our knowledge and products will help you put in place or mature reliable processes to keep consents in control, as required by Article 6. We are specialists in this area, which includes:

  • The collection of express and specific consent.
  • The traceability of this procurement, with certificates and evidence.
  • The management of consents, securely, throughout their life cycle.

We want to count on you. Don’t forget to reserve your place!