We have become accustomed to thinking of the electronic signature as a facilitator in the digital transformation of companies, with application especially in the closing of contracts with their customers, whether they are individuals (B2C) or companies (B2B). But it is undoubtedly a cross-cutting solution that goes far beyond pure procurement and can be applied to a large number of areas and processes in each company.

firma electrónica: usos y aplicaciones

But regardless of its use, an electronic signature system is required to be secure, usable, easily integrated and customizable to adopt the look & feel of the company using it. All this results in a double confidence: in the process, on the one hand, and an even more important confidence in the company, on the other. Of course, this tool is also required to scrupulously comply with the regulations governing its activity, Regulation (EU) 910/2014.

At MailTecK & Customer Comms we offer electronic signature solutions to our clients from two platforms of proven solvency, OneSpan Sign and CertySign.

David Griñán, commercial director of Customer Comms, describes them briefly as follows: “OneSpan Sign is the world’s leading platform, with full geographic coverage and offering the functionality of qualified advanced electronic signature which can involve several signatories with the ability to sign different documents at the same time and attach copies of other documents such as an ID card or a company tax ID number. CertySign is our proprietary OTP (One Time Password) SMS-based signature tool for very fast and simple business-to-customer signature processes that can include handwritten signatures on tablet or cell phone screens.

Of course, both solutions meet the criteria of security, usability, brand image and easy integration, and of course, the relevant legislation.

Do you want to know some cases in which we have integrated either solution? All of them have one peculiarity: they provide solutions to other corporate areas other than those related to direct customer contracting.

Insurance sector

Supplier Relations and IDD Compliance Facilitator

The insurance sector is one of the sectors that has traditionally made most use of electronic signatures for contracting with customers, but there are also other areas in which this solution has been applied to solve a problem.

In the relationship with intermediaries, for example, our electronic signature solution has made it possible to establish or renew the collaboration agreements of these intermediaries with insurance companies and, in addition, to establish the IDD (European insurance distribution directive) compliance agreement.

In the area of management with service providers, a signature solution has been implemented so that an insurer could agree with small providers (garages, tow trucks, ambulances, surveyors) to accept billing for their services. This expedites payments that, at the present time, could become extraordinarily complicated during the current state of alarm.

Energy and utilities sector

Simplification of contracts with installers and suppliers

We have implemented electronic signature solutions in the area of suppliers to sign agreements with installation companies that also carry out inspections of these installations, in addition to equipment maintenance.

Distribution and retail sector

Agility in the hiring of RR. HH. and renewal of trade agreements

The distribution and retail sector is one of the sectors, possibly together with the construction sector, where the application of signature processes is best suited. in the areas of human resources The company has been affected by the usual geographic dispersion of workers, staff turnover rates and the need to speed up the hiring process.

In this environment, we have implemented signature processes integrated with a HR management platform. HR for the recruitment of personnel in a supermarket chain and also in a large beverage distribution company with production delocalized in different parts of Spain. Our solutions have also been used in the renewal of distribution agreements of products of a well-known household appliances brand with stores in Spain and Portugal.

Tourism and travel

Efficiency and agility in contracts with geographic dispersion

Since the publication of Royal Decree 23/2018 transposing directives on package travel and linked travel services, agencies and wholesalers have put their focus on e-signatures with end customers.

But in this sector we have also implemented other uses of signature solutions such as, for example, the one focused on the recruitment of personnel for travel agency networks that are widely distributed throughout the country. In the case of wholesalers, we have also worked on the remote signing of contracts with travel service providers, most of which are located in the destination countries, offering efficiency and agility in these processes.