Organizations are using e-signatures to go digital

In general, companies are going digital. They are transforming customer transactions and the customer experience by moving from paper to enterprise-wide adoption of electronic signatures. In addition, processes such as recruiting, HR, invoicing and more are achieving rapid efficiency gains and dramatic cost reductions thanks to the widespread acceptance of electronic signatures in the marketplace.

Guía de firma electrónica para principiantes

The values of the electronic signature

Transforming the customer experience in any channel

– Provide a seamless digital process in the customer’s preferred channel, whether at a point of sale, call center, online or via mobile.

Generate revenue

– Eliminate paper-based churn rates with an end-to-end digital process that results in 99% of contracts being e-signed.

Strengthening the legal and compliance position

– Gather evidence of what happened during the signing process.

Increasing staff productivity and operational efficiency

– Eliminate time-consuming errors such as missing signatures and data.

Reduce costs

– Reduce costs by eliminating the need to manually prepare, mail and file paper document packages.

– Offset up to 90% of time-consuming paper-based administrative work, saving up to 9 euros per individual transaction.

Demonstrate sustainable business practices

Maintaining digital documents and processes

Electronic signatures can be integrated or used as a standalone solution in all productivity applications, programs, systems and devices you may already be using such as:

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