MailTecK & Customer Comms participated once again in Insurance Week on February 19, 20 and 21 to present its new solutions for communications and compliance transactions to companies in the insurance sector.

tecnología y compliance

The company organized a conference for insurance professionals on two main topics: adaptation to the RGPD and the IDD, and online contracting of policies with blockchain technology. This meeting was attended by representatives of leading companies such as MAPFRE and RegTech Solutions.

“Data is the oil of the 21st century,” recalled Rosa María Lago, DPO of MAPRE. For this reason, Lago insisted on the need to take care of customers by respecting their wishes beyond complying with regulations and, at the same time, always having evidence of the data transfer processes. María Dolores Pescador, CEO of RegTech Solutions and compliance expert, defended, like Rosa María Lago, the need to put the client at the center and always act based on the best interest of the client.

After talking about the regulations thanks to the experience of María Dolores Pescador, and learning from Rosa María Lago how a large insurer such as MAPFRE is approaching compliance with the new European regulation affecting the insurance sector, the presentation of MailComms’ technological solutions for the adaptation to the RGPD and the IDD, and the demo of the CertySign platform for the online contracting of policies.

Javier Echebarria, CEO of MailComms, began his presentation by explaining each of the main solutions on communications and legal transactions offered by the MailComms Group to focus on IDD. “At MailComms we perform a complete management of the entire multichannel communication process for the adaptation of companies to IDD. We can generate the IPID document or the suitability or convenience tests and send them through the channel preferred by the client, to integrating the electronic signature, certifying it and safeguarding the evidence of the process”, explained Javier Echebarria.

The presentation of the company’s technological solutions closed with a demo of CertySign for the online contracting of policies by Moisés Fimat, IT Consultant at MailTecK & Customer Comms. This platform developed by the Group allows the multichannel generation and delivery of the policy, including instant messaging (WhatsApp or Telegram) and electronic signature, as well as time stamping and custody of evidence in blockchain within the Alastria ecosystem. “Immutability and reduction of the number of documents, transparency, efficiency in management and dynamism in transactions”. These are some of the main advantages of using blockchain technology that Moisés Fimat highlighted during his presentation.

In addition to Moisés Fimat’s demonstration, MailComms was present with a business space during Insurance Week to give personalized demos to attendees, including the electronic signature of documents, such as the suitability and appropriateness tests required in some cases by the IDD.

MailComms has already announced that it will participate again next year in Insurance Week. “I hope to see you next year to talk about other solutions, including blockchain,” Javier Echebarria closed the day. MailComms promises to strengthen its commitment to R&D in the coming years to accelerate digital transformation and streamline business-to-customer transactions.