Obtaining express consent, in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR, is such a long and tedious process that it can lead to a poor customer experience and even abandonment of the call, which can result in a loss with great economic impact. In this post we propose an alternative management that speeds up the process thanks to the use of channels such as SMS and email during the call, through our CertySign tool.

CertySign consentimiento RGPD en call center

Obtaining consent via telephone is often a tedious task. The operator has to read the purposes to be accepted, explain the clauses, advise of the recording of the consent, carry it out and then send the sound files for safekeeping. Whose size, by the way, complicates the action. The process is time-consuming and not exactly user-friendly, which often results in high dropout rates.

Multichannel management of GDPR consent

At Customer Comms we propose a hybrid solution to successfully manage this type of situation: obtaining consent through our CertySign platform, via SMS and email channels and with a process that is launched on the call itself. This would be an example:

  1. The operator calls a customer to explain a new service and the customer accepts the upsell. That service requires obtaining a new express consent, as established by the GDPR.
  2. After the professional tells them, they execute the consent process through CertySign, which easily integrates with the most widely used call center platforms, such as Altitude or Emergia, among others.
  3. The customer receives by email and SMS the invitation to access the clauses and to read, accept and confirm them by means of quick checks.
  4. In real time, the operator can verify in CertySign that the customer has correctly performed the acceptance or even guide him to perform it during the call.
  5. The express consent is certified in the tool through the declaration of completion document.

Custody of evidence for at least 5 years

But the benefits of obtaining consent through CertySign do not end there. Our solution integrates an evidence custody service for at least 5 years, in a secure environment. This evidence, with full legal validity, includes the trace and certification of the sending of the SMS and email, the form viewed by the customer, the options accepted or denied and the final consent. All of this, in addition, is recorded in a certificate with time stamp and electronic signature of Customer Comms, as a trusted electronic service provider.

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