In the era of digital transformation, the user expects something more from your company when interacting with it. Your customer wants to interact and get all the information they need, yes, but also to receive it in a clear, attractive and personalized way according to their needs and preferences. And this is where our dynamic communications solution comes into play.

comunicaciones dinamicas customer comms
comunicaciones dinámicas

What are dynamic communications?

The service of
dynamic communications
Customer Comms’ dynamic communications service makes it possible to integrate in the same digital support, thanks to HTML5, various interactive formats ranging from the most operational, such as the
electronic signature
to the more visual and eye-catching, such as the personalized video
personalized video

The spectrum of applications is wide: onboarding processes, digital itineraries, welcome packs, digitized invoices, surveys, transactional documents, contract renewals… As you can see, a varied set of touch points that build innovative and captivating omnichannel and multi-device user experiences.

comunicaciones dinamicas

What benefits do they offer to your customers?

We can highlight three major benefits that dynamic communications offer compared to other conventional communications.

  • Ease of access to information: the user engages in an interactive dialogue with your company in a bidirectional channel. Communication is fed by information coming from various channels, perfectly integrated to offer a total coherence of messages and look & feel.
  • Customization possibilities: the greater the customization, the greater the success. Dynamic communications allow you to launch personalized offers to each customer: surveys designed for each type of customer, display individual contract conditions or integrate digital signature processes to save time.
  • Analysis: converts communication processes into live and optimizable reports in real time. Dynamic communications return a continuous feedback and data stream that reflects customer behaviors and reactions. In other words, food for accurate analysis and, therefore, options for improving and adapting content based on real information.

Why is personalized interactive video the star support?

“One minute of video has the same value, as a marketing tool, as 1,800,000 words” (Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Research). Among the applications, personalized video is the most effective today in the digital realm.

Embedded in different omnichannel communication processes, this format facilitates customer interaction, drives the conversation towards goals such as contract signatures or data collection and raises the level of the user experience to new heights. These levels are achieved through personalization and the ability to offer the recipient what they want, when they choose and on the device they choose.

Thanks to our partnership with (1to1)Video, we are able to integrate video into the multichannel communication process, which facilitates more effective communications through message personalization and the ability to interact with the customer.

Here are a couple of application cases in companies in the insurance sector, in which we specialize and where 96% of customers consider video as their preferred channel.

  • Renewal notices in the insurance sector based on a video containing customized conditions for each client. Watch video of Zurich
  • Welcome packs are sent by email and use the video to welcome the customer and take him to sign the contract electronically. Watch Asisa’s video

Interaction as a vehicle

In dynamic communications converge some of the concepts that preside over your marketing strategies. This solution integrates the latest generation of interactive media such as video in your multichannel communication campaigns, born from your commitment to digital transformation. The result: an enhanced customer experience and an engaging and effective end-to-end customer journey.

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