The situation we are still experiencing due to the coronavirus is continually modifying the protocols for checking in guests at hotel establishments. At MailTecK & Customer Comms we keep an eye out for new developments to facilitate guest check-in and check-out management by the hotel. For example, by facilitating the signing of new documents and forms related to Covid-19, such as those currently in force.

This tool also optimizes the checkin process in other cases such as the management of the tourist tax in the Autonomous Communities where this tax is in operation. With CertySign you will be able to send, with the reservation, the access to an electronic form indicating the number and identity of the children under 16 years of age that are part of the reservation in order to exempt them, as required by the regulations, from paying the corresponding tourist tax.

Covid-19 has strongly affected the tourism sector, perhaps the country’s most relevant economic area. Restrictive measures on internal transfers, massive flight cancellations and border closures have unmistakably marked this 2020 from which hoteliers still do not know what to expect: the near future is still uncertain. Although there are aspects of the “new normal” that are already intuited or known, and physical distancing is one of the most significant, the main role will undoubtedly be played by innovation. The technological revolution that has already been around in the hotel industry is about to be implemented to facilitate the stay of customers and improve their experience in the management of establishments. The digital checkin is a good proof of this.

Positive customer check-in experiences

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Now that de-escalation has been overcome, tourism is facing changes marked by the new needs of its customers. The coronavirus definitely causes one of those changes in cases such as, for example, queuing for registration. It is no longer just about discomfort or the customer’s feeling that they could make better use of their vacation time or business trip than waiting at the front desk. The fact is that directly, and due to the regulations generated during the pandemic, it will not be possible to exceed a very limited capacity in this area, with the consequent problem of space. This new situation joins an already known one, the data entry, the paperwork that the hotel has to do with the documentation and the lack of time or possibilities for something as valuable as acquiring knowledge about the guest, his preferences and personal and contact data.

The solution? Provide the client with the necessary tools to go through this process even before entering the hotel. And any chain or establishment can do so with Mailteck & Customer Comms’ Certysign, a simple platform that is easy to integrate and scrupulously complies with current regulations.

Let’s see an example with a real case. A person lands and has to stop by the hotel before his first meeting of the day. You know what that used to mean, but things have changed. In the cab that transports you, you open a link provided in the booking process and check in online: provide your ID photographed, fill in the entry form, validate with facial recognition, sign it all electronically and send it. At this point two things happen: he gets a code on his cell phone that he shows to a reader at the door of his room, directly, and the hotel receives the data in its PMS (the hotel’s PMS).Property Management System) to manage them internally and send the necessary to the authorities, in order to comply with legislation. All with significant time savings and an improved customer experience that is both positive in the present and an investment in the future.

Mitek is our partner in facial recognition, innovation, security and data protection for the tourism sector.


The process of implementing Certysign in any hotel system is simple and does not require a significant investment. And from the first day of operation, the benefits it offers are valuable. Some of them are:

  • Avoid crowding at the front desk, which is of paramount importance during the coronavirus crisis and recovery, including precautionary measures.
  • Customer experience optimization. It is more convenient for the user. You check in beforehand and when you arrive at the hotel (usually tired) you only have to go to your room.
  • Compliance with regulations: ORDER INT/1922/2003, of July 3, 2003, on log books, entry reports and availability of passenger data.
  • Customer knowledge. By identifying the user and his preferences, even from previous visits, the hotel can offer complementary services.

And another secondary but real benefit is that Certysign is a spearhead, a simple and straightforward way to initiate a digital transformation real and necessary, supported by a number of comprehensive solutions from Mailteck & Custommer Comns in the omnichannel customer communications environment, with full legal validity.

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