Axpo Iberia, subsidiary for Spain and Portugal of the Swiss energy group Axpo, has taken a further step in its digital transformation strategy by implementing the electronic signature in gas contracting processes. MailTecK & Customer Comms has worked with the energy company to implement an advanced electronic signature in this area. With the help of MailComms Group, Axpo has designed a simple process that allows the customer to access the document or contract, review it and sign it quickly and from any mobile device.

Axpo Iberia confía en el Grupo MailComms para automatizar sus contratos de gas a través de la firma electrónica

The electronic signature platform has been integrated with Salesforce, from where the digital contracting process originates. In this way, with a simple click, the salesperson triggers the signing process. Through an API, developed by the MailComms Technology team, a real-time call is made to the electronic signature platform, which sends the signature process to the client, including authentication through an OTP code.

Advantages for customers and employees

The main advantages for Axpo’s clients are simplicity and security, since this digital process avoids the physical processing of contract documentation. Despite the fact that many customers still prefer to use the physical signature and, therefore, cannot completely eliminate this form of contracting, Pilar Acero, head of digital transformation within the marketing projects area, highlights that the number of digital contracts has been increasing in the six months since the solution was implemented. Today, 30% of gas contracts are digital.

Likewise, the commercial and contracting departments have obtained great advantages from the implementation of digital contracting through electronic signatures. “Our salespeople can close the contracting process in a simple way, giving the client the possibility to review the offer and sign the agreement at the most appropriate time for them with all the guarantees of a secure signature,” says Pilar Acero. In the case of the procurement department, Pilar confirms that the validation of these digital contracts requires fewer steps as the digital signature is a guarantee of data integrity.

On the other hand, Pilar emphasizes that the platform that MailComms has made available to the company makes it possible to know the status of each transaction. “To maintain all the security and scalability requirements we needed the integration with our platform to be based entirely on web services, and MailComms fits these requirements perfectly,” says Acero.

Future: scalability of the solution and improvement of the Customer Experience

From Axpo Iberia, Pilar Acero emphasizes that digital signature services are essential for both contracting and customer services. “Our company is committed to increasing the number of service processes processed online and with this new service we will promote this initiative.” For this reason, Axpo Iberia and MailComms Group will work to implement this solution in other lines of business. “The next step is to integrate energy efficiency and electricity trading, where several departments in our company collaborate,” confirms the manager.

Pilar Acero points out the significant investment and evolution in digital transformation being carried out by companies in Spain. In the words of the head of digital transformation, now “the challenge is to design integrated services that offer an easy and secure process where the customer feels comfortable processing their management or consultation through completely digital channels”. To this end, Axpo Iberia is working to make this a reality so that the user experience becomes better and better, both for customers and internal users.