In a few months it will be three years since the date of mandatory application of the General Data Protection Regulation, and five years since its approval as a European regulation. If we look back to a few months before May 25, 2018, it is easy to remember the frenetic activity of all companies to adapt to the new regulations, much more protective and protective of the user than the previous one.

RGPD y su aplicacion en España

But what is the status of the GDPR today? We explain it briefly in three key points. Privacy by Design Guide.

1. It is heavily penalized in Spain, and with significant fines.

Since the activation of the GDPR, and up to the date of this article, 185 sanctions have been imposed in Spain, which have resulted in fines for companies totaling 15.9 million euros. The number of formalized sanctions is almost four times that of the second country on the list, Romania, with 48, or Italy, the third, with 44. In Europe as a whole, fines during this period amounted to 275 million euros.

2. Lack of security measures, among the main reasons for penalties.

Data processing and non-compliance with the derived technical measures are the main reasons for which most sanctions have been imposed in Europe within the scope of the GDPR. Due to this, more and more companies are looking for specialized partners to accompany them in their digital transformation processes and to guide them so that they do not fall into possible sanction files for the inadequate treatment of personal data.

3. Legal basis: explicit consent above all else.

Our consent management solution facilitates the obtaining of explicit consents, their correct processing and the use of the stored data with guarantees and in accordance with the regulations. All in a comfortable, safe and controlled manner.
As a RegTech company and trusted electronic service provider, a figure supported by the European Regulation 910/2014 and the new Law 6/2020, at MailTecK and Customer Comms we combine experience, technology and guarantees to act in an automated way in multichannel communication processes, safeguard evidence with full legal validity and integrate our solutions in our customers’ systems and in the different points of contact with their users.

In other words, we offer a comprehensive and transversal solution for the correct implementation of European data protection regulations that avoids incidents, investigations and sanctions and also optimizes the effectiveness of communications and campaigns by improving data quality and ensuring its correct use.

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