MailTecK S.A. is a company specialized in the provision of integral services for the production of individualized communications, which provides its clients with the latest technologies to allow them to interact with their consumers through the most relevant message possible and to facilitate its delivery through the most effective channel.

MailTecK’s services range from the analysis, processing and enrichment of customer data to the distribution and completion of campaigns with warehousing, fulfillment and logistics, including pre-production and production of communication on multichannel media.

MailTecK’s Management is responsible and committed to establishing an integrated Quality, Environmental and Chain of Custody Management System, based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE EN ISO 14001:2015, the requirements of PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Systems, with License Code PEFC/14-38-00114) and the requirements of FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council – Forest Stewardship Council, with License Code FSC-C120858), in order to:

  • To meet the needs of our customers, in terms of pre-printing, printing, personalization and handling of products in various media, differentiating ourselves from the competition by creating innovative and environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Fulfill the specific requirements of our clients in each of our business lines (Direct Marketing, Promotional Marketing and Management Documents), as well as the legal regulations with special attention to the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), basic pillar of the clients’ trust in our organization.
  • Comply with all environmental regulations applicable to our activities, including compliance with other voluntary commitments relevant to the context of the organization.
  • Apply a commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention to reduce the environmental impacts associated with our activities.
  • To reduce the total costs of non-quality, inefficiencies and waste, applying policies that allow for increased productivity, optimization and improvement, as well as a commitment to environmental protection.
  • To educate and train personnel in the skills and functions of their positions, encouraging their active participation in quality improvement programs, and their contribution to the improvement of the company’s environmental performance.
  • Involve our suppliers in our quality programs and environmental management commitments and ensure their compliance with PEFC and FSC® criteria.

The Chain of Custody policy emanates from Senior Management and, linked to the company’s global policy, focuses on the following points:

  • Comply with applicable legislation and regulations related to Sustainable Forest Management and other voluntary requirements to which the organization subscribes.
  • To contribute to the achievement of sustainable development through the implementation of programs to optimize the use of resources and continuous improvement. This is the only way to ensure the necessary competitiveness in the development of our activity.
  • To meet stakeholders’ expectations in terms of products demanded under a growing respect for the environment. It is important to MailTecK to meet customer expectations by providing products and services that meet their requirements.
  • To ensure that the production for which our customers demand it, is made with certified paper whose wood comes from forests that are managed in a responsible manner. To this end, the implementation of a Chain of Custody System ensures, through the different control processes, that these requirements are effectively met.
  • MailTecK, through the control and evaluation of its suppliers, will avoid the use of materials from conflict areas according to PEFC (License Code PEFC/14-38-00114) and FSC® (License Code FSC-C120858) declarations on this matter.
  • MailTecK expressly declares that it is not related, either directly or indirectly, to illegal activities of exploitation, trade, violation of human rights, destruction of forests and any other activity contrary to the principles and requirements of any of the certified Chain of Custody systems.
  • MailTecK complies with current legislation on Labor Relations and Occupational Risk Prevention, promoting equal opportunities among all its employees without any type of discrimination. In this line, MailTecK complies with the requirements of the Chain of Custody systems in labor material.

To meet these objectives, the Management is aware that, in addition to providing the appropriate material and human resources, the personnel must understand and apply the guidelines that emanate from the documents that make up the Quality Management, Environmental Management and Chain of Custody Management System.

The various manuals of the Integrated Quality, Environmental and Chain of Custody Management System, and the set of procedures, are intended to formalize the above commitments, containing the rules and methods of organization in force necessary to develop this Policy and achieve the objectives set.

This Policy was approved by the CEO of MailComms Group in March 2024.